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> Deadline to apply: 15th of February 2013
> http://perte-de-signal.org/
> This program offers research-creation
> assistance to local and national artists and artist collectives for the creation of digital arts, installation and performance projects. The residency provides space and equipment at Rustines|Lab for the production of a three(3)- to six(6)-week researchcreation project. A curator, critic or theoretician will be invited to collaborate with the artist-in-residence to draft a text on the researchcreation project or on the artist’s creative process.
> Residencies are privileged moments for reflection and creativity in the evolution of an artist’s practice. This program seeks to offer the
> artists a space of encounter to support the development of a creative process. Meeting with the artist and drafting of a text, an author will participate in the process and in the artist’s reflection on his or her work.
> • To be engaged in media , audio or digital arts practice .
> • The artistic merit of the applicant.
> • A resumé and a biography;
> • An artist statement;
> • Audiovisual support material (Website or DVD);
> • A statement regarding desired residency periods.
> • The residency lasts from 3 to 6 weeks;
> • An artist fee of $1,750 is provided;
> • A $300-production budget is available, for purchasing equipment or for hiring specialized
> assistance;
> • The artist in residence will have full and exclusive access to Rustines|Lab;
> • The artist in residence will have access to the Lab equipment;
> • A selected author will write a critical text either on the artist’s work or on a specific project;
> • The author is chosen by Perte de Signal:
> • This year, the centre will not fund the resident’s accommodation or transportation (if applicable).
> • Deadline is February 15 every year;
> • Application may be individual or collective;
> • Information requests and submissions should be made to rustines  perte-de-signal.org;
> • Additional support material should follow by regular mail;
> • Application may be submitted in either French or English;
> • Rustines|Lab hosts one residency per year.
> Blake Carrington (Brooklyn), Lynn Pook
> (Berlin), Pascale Barret (Bruxelles). Bruno Rebeiro aka NOHISTA (Paris).
> Link:
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/17224976/Rustines_2012_public.pdf
> Address:
> Perte de Signal 
> 2244, rue Larivière 
> Montreal, Quebec H2K 4P8 
> Canada

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