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> From: Eva De Groote <eva  timelab.org>
> Subject: timelab's Springcamp 2013 - call for applications
> Date: December 18, 2012 11:37:02 AM GMT+00:00
> A different world. Ideas anyone?
> These are extraordinary times. Times of reinvention. Reinventing systems. Reinventing work. Reinventing time and pastime. It would seem that our current systems failure will not be fixed by setting up new global systems. The answer might come closer to an ecology of tiny systems, branching out, multiplying, showing diversity and stamina. What is the face of our future? Will time need reshuffling – a new balance between working and living – leverage towards a new resilient society? Is personal development the starting point of a flexible, yet robust society ? A multitude of minorities might combine into a driving force of change?
> Springcamp 2013, 17 through 27 April in Ghent
> Call for applications - artist bootcamp
> What is the role of the artist in this changing world? Could art/an artwork be a prototype for a different society? Can artists provide toolboxes towards change?
> Springcamp 2013 invites eight artists to draw up concepts and exchange ideas with other makers, thinkers and doers.
> Send in your motivation, background and bio to eva  timelab.org before 1 February 2013.
> Food, lodgings and transportation will be provided for.
> Timelab is a hotbed for makers, thinkers and doers. Springcamp will be a place for cross-pollination, transgressing encounters and exchange, linked to a social theme. 
> Springcamp 2013 is a collaboration with Beursschouwburg and Argos
> Timelab is supported by the Flemish Community, the Province East-Flanders and the city of Ghent
> -- 
> Eva De Groote
> timelab, kunstenwerkplaats en fablab
> 0032 497528805
> Brusselsepoortstraat 97 9000 Gent
> timelab.org
> @evadegroote

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