[ARENA] Project "AlphaAlpha" - More collaborations are already on line. Would you like to collaborate?

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Sábado, 16 de Janeiro de 2010 - 23:08:51 WET

PROJECT AlphaAlpha:

If you did not have enough time to create your "As" until the deadline
but you want to participate, you may send your images until the end of
January! ;-)


http://arteonline.arq.br/a/m_a_j_a.html  (Maja Kalogera - Croatia)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/m_a_nik.html  (Manik - Serbia)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/p_a_din.html (Clemente Padín - Uruguay)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/reiner_a.html (Reiner Strasser - Germany)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/sus_a_n_turner.html (Susan Turner - Canada)

More pages will be ready soon! ( Bruce Andrews (USA)  -  Miguel
Jimenez / Zenon (Spain) - Margaret Penfold (UK)  -  Edward Picot (UK)
-  Isabel Saiji (France)


http://arteonline.arq.br/a/a_ndrews.html (Jim Andrews - Canada)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/a_randa_yto.html (Isabel Aranda - YTO - Chile)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/b_a_bel.html  (babel - Canada & UK)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/ver_a_bighetti.html (Vera Bighetti - Brazil)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/bruno_a.html  (Bruno - Brazil)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/p_a_trick_burgaud.html (Patrick Burgaud - France)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/p_a_trick_burgaud1.html (Patrick Burgaud - France)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/m_a_rtha_deed.html  (Martha Deed - USA)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/fr_a_zao.html (Marcelo Frazão - Brazil)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/muriel_freg_a.html (Muriel Frega - Argentina)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/lis_a_hutton.html (Lisa Hutton - USA)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/s_a_tu.html (Satu KaikKonen - Finland)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/neufeldt_a.html (Brigitte Neufeudt - Germany)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/niss_a.html (Millie Niss - USA)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/myron_turner_a.html (Myron Turner - Canada)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/villel_a.html (Paulo Villela - Brazil)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/a_raceli_zunig_a.html (Araceli Zuñiga- Mexico)

My own pages:

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/um.html (Regina Pinto - Brazil)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/dois.html (Regina Pinto - Brazil)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/tres.html (Regina Pinto - Brazil)

http://arteonline.arq.br/a/quatro.html (Regina Pinto- Brazil)

How to collaborate:

Read the call at: http://arteonline.arq.br/a/call.htm  and ... PARTICIPATE!
Do not forget, the new deadline is 2010 January 31th

All the best,
Regina Pinto

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