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	Subject:  transmediale.10 - FUTURITY NOW! February 2 - 7, 2010:  
Preview + Festival Passes available now!
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transmediale.10 |  2 - 7 feb 2010
festival for art and digital culture berlin
*Early bird discounts of 10% on transmediale.10  Passes until  
December 18, 2009*

The programme for transmediale.10 - FUTURITY NOW! taking place Feb.  
02 - 07, 2010 in Berlin is almost complete!

The festival kicks off Tuesday evening, February 2 at Berlin's  
landmark House of World Cultures with a welcome address by Computer  
Art pioneer Herbert W. Franke and a special live concert featuring  
Charlemagne Palestine playing Berlin's unique bell tower - the  
Tiergarten Carillon.

The festival’s exhibition ‚Future Obscura’, by transmediale guest  
curator Honor Harger presents artworks that use the materials,  
mechanisms and machines of image-making to illuminate and define our  
relationship with atemporality - the collision of past, present and  
future. Over a dozen international artists, including Zilvinas  
Kempinas, Julius von Bismarck, Ken Rinaldo, Alice Miceli and Julien  
Maire, have created create interdisciplinary explorations of light  
and chronology - some of which are new works premiering at  
transmediale.10 - which will unfold across the House of World  
Cultures, and several urban spaces within Berlin.


The daily programme begins on Wednesday February 3rd with the ‚Free  
Culture Incubator’ Salons curated by Public Art Lab curator Ela  
Kagel, the Phuturama sub-conference hosted by c-base 'conceptioneer'  
Gregor Sedlak and this year’s Marshall McLuhan Lecture by  
telepresence artist Graham Smith. Daily screenings curated by Marcel  
Schwerin highlight works from the Award competition and explore  
atemporal junctures between technology and image production.

Spectacular performances by Ryoji Ikeda and Jürgen Reble with Thomas  
Köner initiate tm.10’s extensive live programme including six events  
in collaboration with CTM which also reflect their theme 'Overlap',  
and feature some of the most important figures working within music  
and sound today.


The tm.10 'Future Observatory' conference, with keynotes by Bruce  
Sterling, Conrad Wolfram and Richard Barbrook, kicks off on Friday  
February 5, with a special ‚Futurity Long Conversation’ bringing 23  
leading artists, designers, theorists, journalists and media  
interventionists, including people such as Jem Finer (Longplayer),  
Susan Neiman (Einstein Forum), Andy Cameron (fabrica), Denisa Kera  
(transgenesis), Gustaff Harimann Iskandar (common room network),  
Trebor Scholz (digitallabour), Régine Debatty (wemakemoneynotart),  
and Warren Neidich (Flusser Award 2010 nominee) among distinguished  
others. From their own positions and experience, they will discuss,  
contextualize and explore the abstract and qualitative elements  
defining our take on what the concept of future - and with that, the  
tm.10 festival theme FUTURITY NOW! - must be today. Accompanying the  
‚Futurity Long Conversation’ transmediale.10 Award nominees  
Sosolimited will unveil an entirely new work 'The Long Conversion',  
using ground-breaking text and visual analysis tools, as a tandem  
live coding performance of the The Long Conversation.

The format of the Long Conversation was developed in conjunction with  
the Long Now Foundation, an international organisation crafting ways  
with which to perceive time and durational process in radically  
different and perhaps media technologically appropriate ways. In  
their approach, we are in a period which redefines the 'now' within a  
timespan of a 1000 years, altering our notions of future and the  
acceleration of progress and development.


Reserve your Festival Passes now for transmediale.10 FUTURITY NOW!

Early bird discounts of 10% on all transmediale.10 Day Passes and  
Festival Passes, as well as Kombi Passes for transmediale and club  
transmediale (CTM) are available until December 18, 2009 only! The  
discounts apply to all Passes - including reduced student passes, and  
are done via reservation and invoiced pre-payment.

To reserve your passes, please use the form here:



More programme info, details schedules will be published soon!

We invite you to launch into futurity ... now! and join the  
'transmediale' facebook group, or follow us on twitter (you can tag  
the festival #tm10)

greetings to all, and looking forward to seeing you in Berlin,


artistic director
transmediale.10 |  2 - 7 feb 2010
festival for art and digital culture berlin

Festival Passes on sale now - 10% off until Dec 18th!

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