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Quinta-Feira, 21 de Outubro de 2021 - 19:48:04 WEST

☀️ Galeria do Sol  ☀️

*Thai & Portuguese Revolution Pisitakun Kuantalaeng*

*Inauguração dia 23 de outubro às 18h30 no espaço A LESTE*

Pisitakun Kuantalaeng irá apresentar o trabalho que desenvolveu durante
dois meses na Rua do Sol. Este será o último e quarto momento de
apresentação de Thai & Portuguese Revolution, trabalho que colocou em
perspectiva os momentos históricos de transição política dos dois países.


Thailand & Portugal Revolution
Hope may lies at the observation of the past through the wider lenses in
order to understand the present and progress toward the expected future. It
could be a space for us to review the role and importance of people’s
struggle in demanding their rights and the hope for a change towards a
better country. This is true for people of two countries from different
Looking back to the history of Thailand and Portugal, the revolution which
overthrow the tyrant regime in Portugal during 1974 has many interesting
aspects comparing to the current climate of Thailand. The uprising of the
young, together with the side changing of many soldiers and citizens
brought victory for people in Portugal. Meanwhile in Thailand, there is
currently the movement of people, especially the young generation, who
demand the government to resign, amend the constitution, and reform the
monarchy. For this is the time of crisis from COVID19 pandemic, and from
the performance of the previous coup junta who was elected as government
only after their own amendment of election laws and the constitution. It is
evident that they are attempting to rewind the clock of Thailand back to
the time of absolute monarchy, despite the consensus to become a democratic
country since 1932. The tyranny afflicted many citizens who are voicing
their upset through the protests.
Observing the movement of people from both countries through the current
context might allow us to see the space of connection and information
exchange between Thailand and Portugal in different periods, where the
movement of people could be connected.

Com o apoio do programa InResidence da C.M.P.
Com a parceria de TARS Gallery e A LESTE
Com apoio do Auditório CCOP

*dia 22 de Outubro no Auditório CCOP "Então! Que tens feito?" com Pedra No
Rim dia 21 e 22 exposição "The Fall" aberta para visita na Galeria do Sol
das 19h às 21h00*
*Galeria do Sol*
Rua Duque de Loulé, 206 – Porto
Seg-Sáb 14-18h


*CCOP – Bufete / Ringue / Auditório*
Rua Duque de Loulé, 202 – Porto
t: 22 200 0043 (Seg-Sex 14-17h)

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