[ARENA] LAST CALL · JSTA Special Issue · Audible (Art): The invisible connections between sound, music, and sound art.

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Quinta-Feira, 26 de Novembro de 2020 - 14:38:33 WET

> Peço a vossa disseminação pela vossa rede de contactos, em especial aqueles a quem possa interessar mais este número especial. A data de submissão foi estendida para 10 de janeiro de 2021.
> Junto envio o Call for Papers para o número especial do JSTA (Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts) sobre "Audible (Art): The invisible connections between sound, music, and sound art".
> O JSTA é uma publicação científica do CITAR - Centro de Investigação em Ciência e Tecnologia das Artes, da Escola das Artes da Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Está indexado na Scopus.
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> Audible (Art): The invisible connections between sound, music, and sound art.
> Deadline: NEW DATE - January 10, 2020
> Editors: José Alberto Gomes, Miguel Carvalhais, Henrique Portovedo
> Submissions: https://revistas.ucp.pt/index.php/jsta/about/submissions <https://revistas.ucp.pt/index.php/jsta/about/submissions> 
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> This special issue of CITAR’s Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts is especially devoted to artistic expression through sound.
> Musical arguments characterize the sound network richness through representational signals that need to be interpreted. Since the 1970s, the singularity impulse of the moment in music has shaped new paths and disciplines with its new grammars and wills. Art through sound, as a practice, takes advantage, describes, analyzes, executes and interrogates the condition of the sound and the processes by which it operates. Thus, any remaining musical argument is negated by a predominant extravagance of unintentionality, multiplicity, silence or noise. At the same time, the role of technology in this evolution is undeniable. The development and use of computational tools and media have become a constant and the majority of the art through sound is affected by it, in a symbiosis with technology that radically transforms the landscape for the practice of the arts.
> As explored in Sonic Warfare by Steve Goodman, sound today represents much more than a musical element or even an acoustic and physical phenomenon. Travels through philosophy, science, fiction, aesthetics, popular culture. It can be deployed to produce discomfort, express a threat when at the same time, artists and musicians use it in the search for new aesthetic experiences and new ways of mobilizing bodies in rhythm. For this special issue of the JSTA, the guest editors intend to address sound as a bundle of practices that can either arise from, lead to, or use sound as a tool of world building in politics, philosophy, geography, engineering, poetry, ecology, architecture, design and arts.
> We seek articles by sound artists, musicians, performers, computer scientists, new media artists, researchers and theorists from different backgrounds and geographies in order to build a comprehensive profile of sound, music and sound art in contemporary culture.
> Hot Topics:
> Audio Cultures
> Auditory Perception
> Sound and Architecture
> Sonic Arts
> Sonic Politics
> Sound and Culture
> Sound and Performance
> Sound Sculptures
> (Image: Comparison of the human ear with ears of various animals (detail) by Athanasius Kircher. 1650)
> More information about JSTA, here: https://revistas.ucp.pt/index.php/jsta/index <https://revistas.ucp.pt/index.php/jsta/index>
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