[ARENA] Please send your video works to this great art cinema in Split Croatia

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Domingo, 17 de Novembro de 2019 - 11:23:25 WET

Dear All!
I am sharing this Facebook post from Darko Duilo,
maybe for some of you interesting, see below!

Greetings, Evelin


I am sharing this Facebook post from Darko Duilo:

please use my e-mail: duilodarko at yahoo.com to send me a links for  
yours (or someone of your friends) recent short movies:


Those works will be presented during Friday`s "Short(s) Petting"  
projections at the Cine Club Split (Croatia)... The programs (45-60min  
from 19:15 every Friday) will be held just before the central  
projections at 20:30... I hope that this opportunity for presenting a  
recent different shorts productions will survive as long as it is  
needed and possible... What can I say: you really surprised me with  
your primary reactions and I hope that this concept of mine would lead  
us all to the better and more humane integration and understanding...  
movies should be up to three (3) years old...All the creative  
interventions and suggestions are welcomed... Thank you all for your  
understanding and kindness... PLEASE SHARE THIS POST... THANKS...


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