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Quinta-Feira, 28 de Janeiro de 2016 - 19:39:47 WET

Porto, Casa das Artes, February 19, 2016

International Conference

February 19, 18h
Casa das Artes, Porto, Portugal

Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego - Ni de uno de ni de otro. La presencia no
tiene signo
Eduarda Neves - Destinatário desconhecido
Ernesto Neto - Aru Kuxipa
Fernando José Pereira - A armadilha da luz
Manuel Loff - A memória - um campo de batalha
Monica Coralli - Tofinous et Lébous: entre rácit autochtone et
résistence spatiale
Chair: Nuno Rodrigues
Organization: Project Correspondences; CEAA | Centro de Estudos Arnaldo
Araújo - Art and critical studes research group; ESAP | Escola Superior
Artística do Porto

Project CORRESPONDENCES - II Exhibition
February 6-21
Casa das Artes, Porto, Portugal
Amarante Abramovici, Covadonga Barreiro, João Vasco Paiva, Sérgio
Leitão, Tânia Dinis


With this designation, we will seek to focus the debate around the
various mystifications of the Other, be it political, sexual, clinical,
cultural or ethnic and whose celebration we witness since the last
decades of the previous century. As mythical place of otherness this
UNKNOWN RECIPIENT often seems as a theoretical construction of the
artist, historian, philosopher or critic, crossing through their own
agendas, representations and énnoncés.
In exhibitions and biennials, meetings, studies and funded academic
debates, the Other, claiming more and more the space of the emerging
market, there seems to have found its place, recoding meanings and
inscribing them in new identities.
Memory and the writing of History will confer body to temporality. From
criticism to a tagged art, designated, among many examples, as
Brazilian, Asian, African, Post-colonial art, to social construction of
memory of oppression or to identity issues and spatial games in two
African capitals, we will furthermore seek to question to what extent
"Art makes life more interesting than art", as Tristan Tzara used to
Just like a postcard, it will be our intention to deviate external
speech from any binary form. This does not concern the defense of an
absolute Other but, instead, has to do with reflecting upon an UNKNOWN
RECIPIENT, one without precise direction, without nationality. Just
like Art, like Life, like an Equal.

Project Correspondences conception and programming: Eduarda Neves
site of the project: http://correspondencias.weebly.com/ <http://correspondencias.weebly.com/>
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