[ARENA] Fwd: EITR + Manuela São Simão (visuals) w/ opening set by ONDNESS // 7th June @ Maus Hábitos // 7pm

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Sábado, 6 de Junho de 2015 - 13:07:24 WEST

olá Manu
Parabéns pela tua exposição, isto é, acho que
é uma exposição mas não li porque não te dignas a enviar uma mensagem em
português, se é só para estrangeiros, então que a leiam eles. Eu
abstenho-me de ler estrangeiradas quando são portugueses a organizar e a
partilhar informação com os próprios portugueses.

Boa sorte

2015-06-05 17:41 GMT+01:00 Manuela Sao Simao <manuelasaosimao  gmail.com>:

> *EITR (Pedro Lopes & Pedro Sousa) + Manuela São Simão (visuals)*
> *opening set by ONDNESS (Bruno Silva)*
> *7th June*, Sunday
> *7pm* (19h) @ *Maus Hábitos* - http://maushabitos.com/
> Address: Passos Manuel Street 178, 4º Floor, 4000-382 Porto
> http://maushabitos.com/o-maus/contactos/contactos.html
> https://www.facebook.com/events/1000174766715871/
> ticket: 3€
> ///////////////////////////////////
> // *ondness* [opening set]
> Ondness <https://www.facebook.com/ondness> is a non stop music making
> machine. Check it for yourself: http://www.discogs.com/
> artist/3043147-Ondness A man which detunes formats, edits in tapes and
> plays with digital 4-track mixing software, Ondness is everything you can
> dance to and mostly what you can't. "A mist of spectral sounds and beats a
> continuous buried in diffuse mutation on the designs of paranoia,
> cosmology, parallel realities and other matters of intrigue, and empty
> dreams -. Of ufology to voodoo As if to invoke the ghosts of Philip Jeck,
> Wolfgang Voigt or Basil Kirchin to provide a continuously uncertain
> physicality between the brightness of the balearic and deep excavations of
> some techno lo-fi" [Lounge'15, adapted from Portuguese]
> // *eitr [pedro lopes & pedro sousa]*
> Duo of Pedro Sousa and Pedro Lopes, two portuguese young musicians, and
> some of the most exciting in the plastic, tonal and energic exploration of
> sound in a long time. Using sax (Sousa), turntables (Lopes) and a communal
> use of electronics, their music is admittedly nervous, obsessively bent
> over the following moment. Unlike other past forms of improvisation more
> concerned with listening and a certain purity of sound, this search is as
> focused as much as frantic in the pursuit of a new dialogue of sonic
> matter. Lopes’ is an impressive turntablist, and the amount of simultaneous
> events he manages to orchestrate is a rare feat in that instrument, while
> Sousa is an extremely caustic blower – he finds melody through pure sound,
> and from that essence gives rise a deeply personal lexicon, of a new
> improv, extremely vibrant and affirmative.
> // *manuela são simão* is a visual artist who has been showing her work
> in different areas such as painting, drawing, illustration,
> performance/intermedia, installation, digital photography, public and
> sound/radio art. As curator/organizer was responsible for some radio art
> related programs in Lisbon and London (cities where she lived) with
> broadcasts simultaneously on Radio Zero (Lisbon) and Resonance FM (London)
> as well as in Mobile Radio (the official radio for São Paulo Biennale 2012).
> She curated some sound installations and exhibitions of various artists in
> the cities of Lisbon, Porto and London taking in some cases the pseudonym
> In 2008 she starts to develop some collaborative and intermedia projects
> with artists, performers and musicians such as Pedro Lopes, Carlos Santos,
> Filipe Lopes, Sem Palco Company, Joana Mateus, Sofia Lopes, Paulo Raposo,
> Gabriel Ferrandini, David Maranha and Pedro Sousa, among others.
> She was co-founder of the Cultural Association Sem Palco and Coletivo
> Partícula in Porto. She was associated with Granular, experimental music
> Association in Lisbon and is a Member of Radio Zero (Lisbon) since 2008.
> --
> Manuela São Simão
> blogfolio:
> http://manuelasaosimao-projects.blogspot.com
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