[ARENA] "CINAMATICS #" - video/sound installation by Pedro Tudela - tomorrow @ POSTE (Porto)

Manuela Sao Simao manuelasaosimao gmail.com
Sexta-Feira, 5 de Dezembro de 2014 - 18:47:35 WET

*“CINAMATICS #” video/sound by PEDRO TUDELA When: 10p.m. - 6th December
2014 Where: POSTE (Rua do Bonjardim, 1176 - Porto/Portugal) *
*www.exteril.com* <http://www.exteril.com>

3 exhibitions curated by Manuela São Simão for POSTE


*#2 artist PEDRO TUDELA*

*#3 artist JOÃO BAETA*

"Still(s) - trying to change" is a series of 3 performative exhibitions
presented during the opening day. POSTE is a video platform, created by the
Portuguese artist Teixeira Barbosa and supported by the non-profit Extéril
Foundation based in Porto.

For this series of 3 one-day-video-related exhibitions I invite 3 artists
working with different medias/mediums challenging them to present a video
loop inspired by still images to be shown in this 7''
"screen-sculpture-installation" along with a 1h-2h durational performance.

The second invited artist is *Pedro Tudela*.

* “Cinamatics #”* is a vídeo made from the collection of over one hundred
small quiet videos 15 seconds each, captured with iphone using Cinamatic

The subtlety of movement and the composition, in some of the videos, makes
them look like photographic images.

Comple(men)ting the quiet video there is the projection of a sound, also
made from a collection of over one hundred of other fragments removed from
other sounds produced by the artist for various projects.

As has happened with other experiences the artist has put in place, “this
video, as the sound piece, are made *à la oulipo*”, says Pedro Tudela. A
metaphor that comes, eventually, not only for the fragmented aesthetics of
the video and sound piece, but also because of the “rules” inherent to the
creative process that uses app/software of any kind. As if it could be the
app(lication) of some kind of OuLiPo technic (“*Ouvroir de Littérature

Born in Viseu in 1962 Pedro Tudela is a singular sound and visual
Portuguese artist whose artistic career has been developing over the
connections between the sound field and the visual, which he materializes
in different mediums such as painting, photography, video, sound, drawing,
sculpture, installation.
Pedro Tudela is co-founder of the experimental music project @C, with
Miguel Carvalhais, since 2000. He is member of Virose Group and co-founder
of the Media Label Crónica Electrónica.

He has been exhibiting regularly in Portugal and abroad since 1982.



See you there! :)

Manuela São Simão

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