[ARENA] 'SOUND IMAGES: labscape' - exploratory performance @ FUTUREPLACES - 1st Nov.

Manuela Sao Simao manuelasaosimao gmail.com
Terça-Feira, 29 de Outubro de 2013 - 22:33:49 WET

*'SOUND IMAGES: labscape'*
*exploratory performance by*
*Manuela São Simao & Filipe Lopes*
1st November, Friday, 9:30pm

Maus Hábitos
Rua Passos Manuel, 178 - 4º, 4000-38 Porto

Conception: Manuela São Simão

Performance: Manuela São Simão & Filipe Lopes

Manuela São Simão: 2 acetate overhead projectors, several translucent
objects collected from ICBAS labs, liquids, color acetates, contact

Filipe Lopes: Computer, microphones, electronics.

Manuela São Simao & Filipe Lopes present in this 2013 edition of
FUTUREPLACES the performance ‘SOUND IMAGES: labscape’, a project built from
analogical / visual improvisation and field recordings exploring materials
collected from ICBAS (Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar) labs.

Starting from two acetate old school overhead projectors and several
lab-specific objects, in a weak light atmosphere, some movements are
projected while their related concrete sounds are revealed. A choreography
from the science labs, suddenly become sound images we read in a pure
Aesthetic way.




Manuela São Simao was born in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1980.
With the age of five she goes to Portugal where, in 2002, finishes the
degree in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Porto University.
She studied with an Erasmus scholarship at the National Academy of Art in
Sofia, Bulgaria, where the confrontation with eastern territories with
rather closed mentalities (pre - EU entrance) inspired her visual and
conceptual work which continues approaching physical borders and its
metaphorical relation with psychological boundaries.
As a multidisciplinary artist, she is continually complementing her
training and presenting projects in areas such as illustration,
performance, intermedia, public art, sound art and curatorial work.
Since 2008 she has been developing intermedia projects with the
collaboration of other visual artists, performers and musicians. These
projects include: 'GIBBERISH' at Silence Festival in Lisbon (Goethe
Institut); 'TRANSHUMANCE.PORTO' at Future Places Festival; 'MajHora FM' at
Serralves em Festa (Porto); 'GIBBERISH.PORTO' at TRAMA Performing Arts
Festival (FLUP), 'PECA (IN)CONCRETA' at Ciclo Vinte e Sete Sentidos
(Culturgest, Lisbon).
She is a member of the Association for Experimental Music - Granular and
Radio Zero in Lisbon, since 2008. She recently lived in London where, among
other things, was responsible for curating and organizing a series of sound
installations with broadcasts on Resonance FM and Mobile Radio (Bienal de
São Paulo radio).

Filipe Lopes was born in 1981, in Porto.
In 2003 he graduated in Music Education at Porto Superior School of
In 2006 he won the prize “best experimental audio” at Festival Black&White
and in 2007 was awarded an artistic residency at Miso Music Portugal (LEC).
In 2007 he completed a degree in Composition at Superior School of Music
and Performing Arts (ESMAE), developing strong bonds with electronic music
and new media.
In 2009 he finished his master’s degree at Sonology, in the Hague, creating
Õdaiko, a software for live-score generation.
Between 2009 and 2011 he taught electronic music at ESMAE. He also created
the ensemble 343.
>From September 2010 till August 2012 he curated the project Digitópia, at
Casa da Música, where he was already developing intensive work since 2007.
He developed workshops, concerts and software related to music education.
Since 2010, he has a scholarship by Fundação Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT),
pursuing a PhD in Digital Media at Universidade do Porto and UT Austin.
Supervised by Carlos Guedes and Bruce Pennycook, his area of investigation
includes sound, space and identity.

His compositional activity also embraces electronic and instrumental music
for Theater, Film and Dance. These collaborations led to some international
awards. In 2013, at Gaudeamus Music Week, he won the ECPNM/Gaudeamus prize
with his composition “Do Desenho e do Som #3″ for Harp.


Special thanks to Maria Strecht Almeida (and ICBAS labs)
and Patricia Caveiro! :)

Manuela São Simão

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