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100 thousand artists march for GEZI PARK
Now is the time for artists from all around the world to stand up

  June 29 (& Every Saturday)

* Global Official
Detailed video of the

If you decide to organize an event, please contact the organizer:
Vedat Zar vedatzar  gmail.com
Derya Yuksek dyuksek  gmail.com


 *World artists march for ‘GEZIPARK’ as a symbol of creative resistance*
'for resistance to shine & peace to grow & colors to spread'

The Gezi Park protests, started as an act of peaceful resistance to save
the hundred year old trees at Gezi Park – the final green public space at
the heart of Istanbul – have turned into a widespread Youth movement and
have inspired millions of citizens in Turkey to stand up for their rights
and freedoms which are being suppressed by the system and the people in
power. Since May 31st, millions of activists, artists, academicians,
students, civil society actors and citizens are marching in the streets of
Turkey to save GeziPark, to challenge the status quo, which is ignoring the
rights of humanity and the enviroment, and to voice their democratic
The protests, which use the arts as a means for Creative Resistance,
combined many artistic disciplines from Sufi dance to ballet, music,
literature and humour to spread the message and raise consciousness. The
deliberate censorship from national media during these protests once again
showed that art is the best and most powerful medium to connect with the
Response to the protestors has included heavy attacks by government and
poliçe and the use of chemical gases, water cannons, and plastic bullets in
an attempt to violently oppress these “rebels”. The park, which was
occupied by protestors on the 27th of May and turned into a festival
village, was brutally invaded with police force on 15th of June leaving
many causalties. To date, 4 people have lost their lives, more than 7,500
people were injured, with 130 severe injuries, and 10 people lost their
eyes due to the continued police violence directly targeting citizens, and
even private homes. Major cities like Istanbul and Ankara have been
polluted severely by chemical gases. Yet, the protests continue all over
Turkey, and in many other countries which have chosen to act in solidarity.

*Now is the time for artists from all around the world to stand up against
the violations of fundamental rights and freedoms, the misuse of public
goods, and the invasions of civic space all over the world at the cost of
humanity and the environment.*

This weekend, let’s fill the streets with our arts and hearts and turn this
act into a worldwide carnival of Revolution! Let’s become a channel for the
voice of the people with our art and creative resistance.
Together, we will mediate change and help shape the world’s new future!

This event is in conjunction with "100 Thousand Poets For

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