[ARENA] Do we still engage?

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Sábado, 22 de Junho de 2013 - 00:06:16 WEST

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> From: Alan Sondheim
> Subject: <nettime> Do we still engage?
> Do we still engage?
> Do we still engage with Sartre? Do we still read Derrida? Do
> they speak to us? Does Heidegger speak to us? Does Husserl? Is
> Hegel still critical to our thinking? Does anyone read Sartre?
> Does anyone think through Derrida? Do we think we've absorbed
> Badiou? Is Badiou important? Is Shestov? Is philosophy dead or
> dying? Is thinking philosophically still important? Does anyone
> read Plotinus? Does St Augustine speak to us? Is Descartes
> necessary? Have we absorbed Spinoza? Are we the better for
> Kristeva? Is Butler still relevant? Is Russell? Have we absorbed
> Wittgenstein? Do we still engage with Reichenbach? Is Latour
> still important? Have we gone beyond Carnap? Is Peirce relevant?
> Does anyone read James? Have we buried Marx? Does anyone think
> through Freud? Is Arendt still necessary? Are we still inspired
> by Jung? Do we relate to Plato? Is our world Aristotelian? Is
> Nietzsche still necessary? Has philosophy disappeared? Have
> people read Thom? Has Mill disappeared? Is Confucius
> fundamental? Do we still grapple with Hobbes? Is Kant still an
> inspiration? Are there answers to questions? Do we still learn
> from Kierkegaard? Is Lacan still read? Does Maimonides speak to
> us? Have we abandoned Fanon? Does anyone think through Kofman?
> Is there any reason to consider Hui Shi? Has Zhuangzi turned the
> world upside down? Does Parmenides offer solace? Does anyone
> read Goodman any more? Do we still engage with Bachelard? Is
> Balibar important? Is philosophy important? Do we consider West?
> Is Ranciere dead? Does Althusser still speak to us? Is the
> thought of Merleau-Ponty important to anyone? Is there anything
> to learn anymore from philosophy? Do we still read Trotsky? Is
> Grene still relevant? Have we absorbed Cassirer? Is philosophy
> of science science? Is philosophy of science necessary? Do we
> still read Langer? Is thought important? Is untethered thought
> necessary? Is philosophy tethered? Are we engaged with de
> Beauvoir? Do we remember Deleuze? Do we consider Guattari? Do
> Deleuze and Guattari offer solace? Is there any value in reading
> Lyotard? Have we forgotten Kripke? Have we ever comprehended
> Baudrillard? Is there any point to philosophy? Does philosophy
> worsen us? Is it necessary to think philosophically? Is it
> relevant to abandon philosophy? Have we taken Lao Tzu to heart?
> Are we trusting Agamben? Have we forgotten Schopenhauer? Do we
> still read Schelling critically? Is Heraclitus still inspiring?
> Can our lives be guided by Pascal? Are we informed by Whitehead?
> Do we comprehend the depth of any thought? Do we take thought to
> heart? Do we still engage with Lucretius? Do we still read
> Irigaray? How do we know?

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