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Este mail é do mais ridículo que há!
Acorda, estás no séc. XXI!!!!
(Embora o Dadaísmo seja o movimento artístico-cívico-político que mais me
entusiasma em toda a história!
Até queria ver se gostavas de ter relações sexuais reguladas,... e num
centro para o efeito!)

2012/1/11 Ffuucckk Nnaattooo <ffuucckknnaattooo  yahoo.com>

> *RICHARD HUELSENBECK AND RAOUL HAUSMANN “What is Dadaism and what does it
> want in Germany?” (1919)*
> 1 *Dadaism demands:*
> 1) The international revolutionary union of all creative and intellectual
> men and women on the basis of radical Communism;
> 2) The introduction of progressive unemployment through comprehensive
> mechanization of every field of activity. Only by unemployment does it
> become possible for the individual to achieve certainty as to the truth of
> life and finally become accustomed to experience;
> 3) The immediate expropriation of property (socialization) and the
> communal feeding of all; further, the erection of cities of light, and
> gardens which will belong to society as a whole and prepare man for a state
> of freedom.
> 2 *The Central Council demands:*
> a) Daily meals at public expense for all creative and intellectual men
> and women on the Potsdamer Platz (Berlin);
> b) Compulsory adherence of all clergymen and teachers to the Dadaist
> articles of faith; c) The most brutal struggle against all directions of
> so-called “workers of the spirit” (Hiller,
> Adler), against their concealed bourgeoisism, against expressionism and
> post-classical
> education as advocated by the Sturm group; d) The immediate erection of a
> state art center, elimination of concepts of property in the
> new art (expressionism); the concept of property is entirely excluded from
> the super-
> individual movement of Dadaism which liberates all mankind; e) Introduction
> of the simultaneist poem as a Communist state prayer; f) Requisition of
> churches for the performance of bruitism, simultaneist and Dadaist poems; g) Establishment
> of a Dadaist advisory council for the remodeling of life in every city of
> over 50,000 inhabitants; h) Immediate organization of a large scale
> Dadaist propaganda campaign with 150 circuses
> for the enlightenment of the proletariat; i) Submission of all laws and
> decrees to the Dadaist central council for approval; j) Immediate
> regulation of all sexual relations according to the views of international
> Dadaism through establishment of a Dadaist sexual center.
> The Dadaist revolutionary central council. German group: Hausmann,
> Huelsenbeck Business Office: Charlottenburg, Kantstrasse 118. Applications
> for membership taken at business office.
> Greetings,
> Fuck Nato
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