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VAFA – Video Art for All International
 VAFA – Video Art for All
International Video Art Open Call Festival 2011


1. Requirement of the entry:
1.1 Submitted videos must have been completed after January 2009.
1.2 Running time must not exceed 15 minutes.
1.3 Non-English spoken videos should have English subtitles.

2. Submission of the entry form and Delivery of the entry:
2.1 Entry form can be submitted via e-mail.
2.2 Each submission should have one entry form.
2.3 Videos can be submitted online with the entry form or can be sent by
post on a DVD with a printed version of the entry form.
2.4 If you choose to submit a DVD, please label it with title, author’s
name, running time and aspect ratio.
2.5 If you choose to submit online, only AVI, MOV or MPEG files via free
upload service such as www.sendspace.com, www.megaupload.com,
www.megashare.com, www.dropbox.com or www.pando.com would be accepted.
2.6 Videos without application form will not be accepted for the
2.7 All deliveries from international participants must be marked:
2.8 The selected entry will be asked to send a mini-DV tape or a DVD.
2.9 Shipping expenses are to be assumed by the applicant.

3. Mailing address:
All required materials should be delivered to one of the following:
By email: vafa.videoartforall  gmail.com
By post:
VAFA - Video Art For All
Rua Francisco Xavier Pereira 45-59, 3 Floor
Ed. Lun Hing Knitting Factory
706 North First Street,No.2 Jiuxianqiao Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing

4. Submission deadline:
The submission deadline is 31st August, 2011

5. Exhibition date and venue:
Exhibition will run from 30th November to 30th December, 2011 at Casa Garden
– Fundação Oriente Macau.

6. Jury:
6.1 All submissions will be selected by the invited juries composed by Video
artists from Macau, China and Hong Kong.
6.2 Selected artists will be informed by email of the results around two
weeks before the exhibition opening.
6.3 Jury’s decisions are final and no appeal will be accepted.

7. Awards:
7.1 The best video will be awarded with US$ 1000. The awarded artist will be
invited to present the work at the exhibition opening.

8. Criteria:
Video Art is today recognized as an autonomous art form therefore we have no
fixed criteria concerning work theme or form as long as it can be understood
as contemporary art. The only works that the selection committee will not
consider are ones containing any kind of offensive or aggressive

9. Numbers of the entry:
Max 3 videos can be submitted.

10. Others:
10.1 The Festival entry is free.
10.2 Copies will not be returned, but will be kept in the organizer’s
10.3 Selected works will be used in research work and non-commercial
screenings related to the event.
10.4 Applicant should accept that an insert from his video, 30 seconds long
at most, can be presented for Festival promotion purposes.
Applicant is responsible should hold all the copyright. The signing of the
form is a guarantee of the originality of the work. Any breach on legal
terms and the applicant will be disqualified.
10.6 The organizer reserves the right to interpret or amend the regulations
and details of the Festival.

(copy and paste to microsoft word document)

 VAFA – Video Art for All
International Open Call Festival 2010

   Entry's information:                                   (Please write in
  Original title:
  Title in English:
  Country of production: ______________________    Duration:
  Year of production: ___________________    Format: _____________________
  Contact number:

 Applicants should also submit the following information and materials:

   - Synopsis (Max 300 words/submission, English only in plain text, RTF
   (Rich Text Formal) or Word .doc as attachment)
   - Biography (Max 300 words/submission, English only in plain text, RTF
   (Rich Text Formal) or Word .doc as attachment)
   - 2 screenshots for each submitted work (jpg, 800x600 px)

 *If you choose to send by post have this info on a separate CD.*

*I declare that the information submitted in my application is complete and
truthful, and I shall abide by all rules and regulations of the Competition.
*                                                             *

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