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In 2011 Abandon Normal Devices invites you to explore the outer limits of belief with fake gurus, gagging orders, celebrity cults, happy believers, protests and paranormal activities. 
Situating mind-altering art alongside premieres and new commissions, AND Festival asks and why and how we believe, and whether belief stems from laziness or a deep-seated need. Featuring Kurt Hentschlager, Oreet Ashery, Molleindustria, Shezad Dawood, Revital Cohen, Brody Condon, Ahmed Bassiouny, Robyn Moody, Rachel Mayeri, John O'Shea, IOCOSE, Paolo Cirio, Zhang Qing, Harminder Singh Judge, David Shrigley, Steve Kurtz and Jeremy Bailey, to name but a few. Here we present you with the highlights. Enjoy!

SHEZAD DAWOOD Piercing Brightness

An eerily beautiful film directed by visual artist Shezad Dawood, scripted by Ian Rakoff (The Prisoner) with live sound track by Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple (Japan). The plot interweaves elements of documentary and character-driven narrative against a backdrop of science fiction. The film was shot entirely in Preston and includes archive footage of UFO sightings in the region. An exhibition of Piercing Brightness will be premiered at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery during AND.


LevelFive is a live role-playing game hosted by Bluecoat and inspired by the wave of self-actualization seminars that became popular in the early 1970s. Up to 75 players, drawn from a pool of volunteers, must live out the lives of their characters in an emotionally and physically demanding piece of theatre that will stretch over 16 hours. Only participants will be admitted in to the performance space itself, with live footage streamed for the public.


As one visitor to Zee put it, "it is really hard to say something smart about something so sensual". Variously described as "insane", "like entering Heaven" and "another planet", Zee is an installation of fog, light and sound that will transform Gallery 1 at FACT in Liverpool into an out of body experience. An installation that has audiences coming back again and again, this manifestation of Hentschlager's distinct and mind-altering artwork is a UK first.

RACHEL MAYERI  Primate Cinema: Apes as Family 

Los Angeles-based video artist Rachel Mayeri has worked with primates for many years, studying how they respond to different types of media and what genres of human entertainment seem to interest them the most. Having worked with squirrel monkeys and baboons, Mayeri has now been commissioned to work with our closest primate cousin, the chimpanzee. Made in collaboration with Edinburgh Zoo and primate expert Dr. Sarah-Jane Vick, Primate Cinema: Apes as Family is a new video installation that will reveal the complexity of chimpanzee emotions and our similarity to them as social animals.

 JOHN O'SHEA Pigs Bladder Football 

Pigs Bladder Football sets out to revive the medieval process of making footballs from pigs bladders, with the intention of creating contemporary "organic footballs" to be used in the beautiful game. Artist John O'Shea will work with people of all ages from across the Northwest to work hands-on with actual pigs bladders, the by-products of animal slaughter. This project will question attitudes toward violence, sport, exploitation, manufacturing and the life sciences while trying to uncover the primal origins of our national sport.   


A creative fascinated with the bleeding edge of human bioscience, Revital Cohen has previously explored subjects such as transgenics, artificial organs and IVF treatment. Interlinking several life support machines together to create a gasping, seemingly self-sustaining organism, The Immortal is a new, experimental project that questions definitions of life and artificiality. Highly relevant in light of current questions surrounding life-prolonging technologies, AND is proud to present the world premiere of this piece. 

Abandon Normal Devices is a 2012 inspired festival, funded by Legacy Trust UK and part of WE PLAY, the Northwest cultural legacy programme for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Expect experiments, events, deviance, games, parties and interventions. Starting in September, our tour of the Northwest will take you through safari parks, shopping centres and markets.
Cumbria 16 - 17 September
Preston 23 - 25 September
Liverpool 29 September - 2 October
Follow us on                                                                                            www.andfestival.org.uk 

Abandon Normal Devices Ltd is a registered company No. 6054549

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