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From 1992 to 2001, Juan Muñoz carried out a series of works using materials that we would not expect to find in the hands of a sculptor: the voice, music, sound. Muñoz conceived and made these works specifically for radio so that they would circulate through the airwaves at a particular moment of the day and reach listeners who had tuned in, either by choice or by chance. Ràdio Web MACBA is going back to these radio works with the aim of bringing them to a wider audience and having them recognised as an additional element of the artist's work along with the sculpture and writing he carried out simultaneously and without a break.

"Building for Music" (1993), "A Man in a Room Gambling" (1992), "Will it Be a Likeness"? (1996) and "A Registered Patent" (2001-2002) use sound, the voice and music as their basic raw materials. They all have something in common – an element that was of special interest to the artist: they had to be broadcast on public radio stations. 

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