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Sábado, 4 de Setembro de 2010 - 19:56:31 WEST

See below for september program*
on thursday the 9th we have Louidgi Beltrame and Wagner Morales

On the occasion of 29a Bienal of SP, CAPACETE has invited

            Andrea Fraser
              For a night **Ensaio Especial** at Teatro de Arena 

Free Entrance
Thursday, September 8th, 2010, at 8 pm – punctuality is everything
In Teatro Arena
Teatro Arena
R. Dr. Teodoro Baíma, 94 / São Paulo
8 pm 
Close to the República station, at the end of Av. Consolação

Andrea Fraser é uma artista cujo trabalho tem sido identificado como perfomance, arte contextual e crítica-institucional. Desde meados da década de 1980, tem produzido perfomances site-specific, vídeos , instalações, publicações com museus, galerias e fundações nos Estados Unidos, Europa e América Latina. Ela foi membro-fundador do grupo de perfomance feminista "The V-Girls" (1986-1996), da "Parasite" - uma iniciativa de artistas orientada para trabalhos project-based (1997-1998) e da  galeria de arte cooperativa "Orchard" (2005-2008), além de co-organizadora do projeto "Services", uma "exposição de trabalho-em-grupo" que viajou por sete lugares da Europa e Estados Unidos entre 1994 e 2001. Andrea Fraser: Works 1985-2003, uma retrospectiva de sua obra, foi organizada pelo Kunstverein em Hamburgo em 2003. Museum Highlights: The Writings of Andrea Fraser foi lançado pela MIT Press em 2005. Ela faz parte do corpo docente do Whitney Independent Studies Program em Nova Iorque e é professora do Departamento de Arte na Universidade da California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 



Time Machine – “It’s not cinema, it’s not video, it’s not television neither it is theater.”
In 2006, CAPACETE proposed a project for Rio de Janeiro’s Film Festival, a room of theater (Oi Futuro), in which the works of artists Anri Sala and Gregor Modé Passens would be on view.
This project is a continuation of CAPACETE’S participation in Rio’s Film Festival since 2000. It has maintained the same title — Cinema Capacete LOOP: "It's not cinema, not video and not TV" — which allowed the viewer to see the works, one after another in real time, for a total of approximately 10 minutes.
The room was a space that projected the works in sequence on different supports, allowing the spectator — alone in the room, the projections crossing his physical movements — a complete immersion within the time of the three works from the beginning to the end. The same works were also projected in various film festival cinemas before the films were made official.
The intention was always to occupy a time rather than a space, and more importantly, to focus not only on the individual time of the works, but also on the time the viewer would be with the works.
The SuperEnsaio that are being designed for the Teatro Arena depart from a similar principle. Yet the difference at Teatro Arena is that the process will occur throughout a longer period, until the inauguration of the 29th São Paulo Biennial, through a collective experience: the theater.
The proposition here is to present projects that investigate time. The relationship between spectator, work, and time is the focus of the experience, rendering the physical space of the theater itself as a background.
In this age of the fast-forward, the time machine, and the impossible rewind, time knocks out and loops.
Invited for CAPACETE’S first installation of Time Machine for the 29th São Paulo's Bienal in the Teatro Arena on June 22, 2010 is the artist Raquel Garbelotti, who in turn has invited Cauê Alves, Ilana Feldman and Ismail Xavier.
Other guests for following SupeEnsaio include Carla Zaccagnini, Andrea Fraser, Arto Lindsay, Ducha, Suley Rolnik Gabriel Lester and Raimundas Malasaukas, among others.


* The vegetarian feijoada by NEKA will be held at teatro Oficina the 19th of september from 14:00 to 20:00. Entrance fee is 20 Reais if tickets are bought in advance at teatro Arena until the 18th or 35 Reais on the same day. Please call Adriana or Bruno 011 66718914! for reservation and more info. Limited tickets available.



15/09 - SuEn. – Suley Rolnik and Manon de Boer
17/09 - SuEn. - Raimundas Malasauskas, Gabriel Lester, Bik van der Pol, Otto Bersham etc  
18/09  - SP 2.23.68 – Hans Ulrich Obrist and invites
19/09  - SuMegaEn. 3.8.24.? – Feijoada by Neka Menna Barreto

Week of 22/23/24

22/09 – 15:30-17hrs - Chen Chieh-jen an Yuko Hasegawa
             17:30-19hrs -  Allan Sekua and Rina Carvajal - 
             20-21:30 hrs – Dora Garcia and Chus Martines
23/09 – 15:30-17hrs – Kendell Geers, Nastio Mosquito and Fernando Alvim
             17:30-19hrs -  Raqs Media Collective and Sarat Maharaj
             20-21:30 hrs – David Claerbout and Moacir dos Anjos
24/09 – 15:30-17hrs – Afredo Jaar and Agnaldo Farias
             17:30-19hrs -  Cildo Meireles and Moacir dos Anjos


29/09  - SP 2.25.70 – Tamar Guimarães and Adriá Juliá


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