[ARENA] UNNEEDED TEXTS: Extended Deadline

miguel leal ml virose.pt
Terça-Feira, 18 de Maio de 2010 - 23:27:01 WEST

Olá a todos:

Como prometido no último dia das Unneeded Conversations, a data  
limite para a entrega dos textos para o livro UNNEEDED TEXTS, vol.  
one, passou a ser o próximo dia 6 de Junho.

Como sabem, esperamos poder reunir no  livro não apenas as  
comunicações apresentadas ao longo da última semana no Cinema Passos  
Manuel mas também outras colaborações que entretanto nos façam chegar  
através desta Open Call.

Obrigado e até breve,

Miguel Leal

call for papers




Topics: UNTANGLE: The Future Past of Media Art; UNSUSPICIOUS: The  
Politics of Aesthetics; UNCUT: Time-Based Art.

UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS - Theory and Practice of Art is an  
international conference to be organized every year by the Faculty of  
Fine Arts - University of Porto (FBAUP). This first edition toke  
place in May 2010 in the city of Porto, Portugal (see official  
program below).

The 2010 edition of UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS will focus on three main  
discussion topics — UNTANGLE: The future past of media art;  
UNSUSPICIOUS: The politics of aesthetics; UNCUT: Time-Based Art —  
which are are definitely at the core of contemporary art practice.

After the conference, a book will be printed — UNNEEDED TEXTS | Vol.  
one — with all the papers presented and further documentation on the  
conversations, talks and exhibitions included in the program. The  
book will be divided in three different chapters, following the three  
topics of this year's UNNEEDED CONVERSATIONS.

A call for papers to be included in this book is now open. Only texts  
in English will be accepted.

The papers must be sent by e-mail to <texts  unneeded.virose.pt>  
before the 6th June, 2010.

The papers will be blind-peer reviewed by a panel of international  
referees and we hope to announce the selected texts until mid-July.

Electronic submission guidelines:
Files in Rich Text format (rtf) sent by e-mail, between 3000-5000  
words+ 300 words abstract, using Humanities Style citation style with  
notes in the end [http://library.williams.edu/citing/styles/ 
chicago1.php]; please include a 50 words author's bio.

Images in b&w (the images can be included in the rtf document); if  
the paper is accepted author(s) will be asked to send full resolution  
images (300 dpi, jpeg or tiff).

The cover page of the paper must include: the title of the paper; the  
complete names and institutional affiliations (if applied) of all  
authors, and the email address for the all authors.

For any questions regarding the conference or the book please contact  
Ana Reis areis  unneeded.virose.pt

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