[ARENA] Call for participation: WATER. SINKING CITIES

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Segunda-Feira, 17 de Maio de 2010 - 15:59:38 WEST

Live audiovisual performance project

We invite 12 young artists working on audio or video (bellow 30 years old),
four from each country involved: Latvia, The Netherlands and Portugal, to
develop together an audiovisual collaborative project. The final result of
this collaborative project will be a live performance show. The inter
cultural dialog to share knowledge, balance methodologies, improve skills
and exchange ideas will comprise online as well as on site gatherings.

The theme for this project centers on Water as the element of nature that
connects the three countries. This connection is made through the Baltic
Sea, North Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Participants are invited to reflect,
through the work, on sinking cities and on environmental issue.
The cities of Riga, Amstelveen and Porto have been chosen as the set of the
project: the imaginary line that links the 3 cities crosses almost all
Europe, sketching the work flow and reflecting the cultural diversity of
Southern, Central and Northern Europe.

After a period of online communication, there will be 1 week on site period
at each city with 2 weeks break between to collect and develop audio and
visual materials. The final presentation of the project and performance in a
live audio visual show will take place in P60 cultural center in Amstelveen.

Dates and places for work meetings and live final performance
Riga, Latvia:
20th - 27th june
Work meeting and conference
Porto, Portugal:
19th - 25th July
Work meeting and conference
Amstelveen, The Netherlands:
13th - 19th September
Performance audiovisual

You are free to forward this email to whoever it may be of interest.
Should you have any further questions or if you would like to apply send a
letter of interest (in Portuguese or English) to the following address:
imerge  mail.telepac.pt

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