[ARENA] Lumiar Cité | guided tour [today - 18:00] and screening [Saturday - 19.06 - 21:30]

Manuela São Simão manuelasaosimao gmail.com
Quinta-Feira, 17 de Junho de 2010 - 14:23:25 WEST


LUMIAR CITÉ - MAUMAUS exhibition space

17.06 - 18:00  Guided tour by Manuela São Simão to the exhibition of
Lars-Andreas Tovey         Kristiansen - You Don`t need a Weatherman to Know
Witch Way the Wind Blows

19.06 - 21:30  Screening: *State of Emergency
                       State of Emergency is a deliberately provocative
public projection series,
                       organized and curated by Sherry Millner and Ernest
Larsen. Initially, it was
                       rear-projected in the second floor windows of the
loft in which they live in
                       New York City. Subsequent editions, featuring
contributions by more than
                       15 media artists, have screened at a variety of
unconventional venues in the
                       U.S. and Europe. Contributions include: Martha
Rosler, Greg Sholette,
                       Mary Kelly, Allan Sekula, Leslie Thronton, and John
Greyson, among many others.

Millner & Larson, who are presently editing a film essay on the aftermath of
Greek insurrection of December 2008, will also screen another of their
interventionist films, as part of the 90 min. program, which will be
followed by a discussion with the artists.

(Rua Tomás del Negro, 8 A | 1750 105 Lisboa)


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