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Quinta-Feira, 1 de Julho de 2010 - 05:19:38 WEST


*radio pieces** *

curated and organized by  EDITMAKEMIX

** *1 | 2 | 3 *July

*Sound Exhibition at the Communications Museum in Lisbon*

*radio transmissions* “in between” programs of RADIA LX 2010

International Radioart Festival - Listen: http://radialx.radiozero.pt + 99.0
MHz (Lisbon)

*1 *July* Opening from **10 a.m. – 11 a.m.** with radio transmission alive
from the Communications Museum.*


*Ana Deus* [pt]

*Pedro Tudela* [pt]

*Christoph Korn *[de]

*Cem Güney* [tr]

*Cristo Rei* [pt]

*Christian Fennesz* [at]

*Carlos Zíngaro* [pt]

*Tale Twist* [br]

*Beatriz Albuquerque* [pt]

*@C*: Pedro Tudela +  Miguel Carvalhais [pt]

*Marion Woerle*: Frau W* *[de]

*Rafael Toral* [pt]

*Joana Mateus* + *Manuela São Simão* [pt]

*Marc Matter* [de]

*A Cantadora de Contos*:Genoveva Faísca [pt]

*Pedro Lopes* [pt]

*Florian Meyer* [de]

*OTO*: Pedro Lopes, Mush Von Namek, Pedro Sousa [pt]

*PIRX*: Frau W +  Maciej Sledziecki [de]

*José Maria Lopes* [pt]

*VOICEOVER*:* *Marc Matter [de]

*Frank Bretschneider* [de]

*Heitor Alvelos* [pt]**

*Teixeira Barbosa* [pt]

*Dalila Vaz* [pt]

*João Bengala* [pt]

*Muñequito* [es]

*WHIT*: Nuno Moita, Miguel Sá, Pedro Lopes, Fernando Fadigas [pt]

*EITR* :Pedro Lopes + Pedro Sousa [pt]

*João Bengala* + *Genoveva Faísca* [pt]

*Susana Chiocca* [pt]

*AUTODIGEST*: Heitor Alvelos [pt]

*UN*:José Maria Lopes, Heitor Alvelos, Anselmo Canha [pt]

*Ricardo Jacinto *+* Beatriz Cantinho* [pt]

*Francisco Pina* [pt]

*Pierre Andrieux* [fr]

*Institut Fuer Feinmotorik* [de]

*Anselmo Canha* [pt]

*João Baeta* [pt]

*Punk Androids:* j. aka João Dorminsky [pt]

*Genoveva Faísca* [pt]

*Out Level* [pt]

*FREIMTRONIC*: Daniel van den Eijkel [de]

*Fernando Fadigas* [pt]

*PI* featuring *Marianne* [pt]

*Carlos Santos* [pt]

*Cui Cui (Box)* [fr]

*Luís Antero* [pt]

*Mark Brüderle* [de]

*Iqbit*: Claudio Curciotti [it]

*João Dorminsky* e *Mariana Valença* [pt]

*Gabriel Fernandini *[pt]

*Pedro **Sousa* [pt]

*Mush Von Namek* [pt]



*[IN BETWEEN] radio pieces* is a project focusing two different platforms:
radio web transmissions + 99.0 MHz  and physically as a sound exhibition in
a small auditorium of the Communications Museum in Lisbon, where to each
piece is related the artist who produced it with its related title.

*[IN BETWEEN] radio pieces*, is a curatorial project motivated by radio art
and the desire of challenging artists whose sound production for radio would
be already a “commonplace”, in some cases, and in others a challenge waiting
to be thrown.

The special invitation to each of the artists coming from different acting
areas, who also explore different mediums, was to create a free sound piece
inspired by their own work and identity, with the condition that all the
pieces should have one minute only. This minute is a time that, due to the
imposition of this limitation to all artists, reminds us of the old
radiophonic jingles also known as “separators” transmitted *between* radio

In this project *[IN BETWEEN]* it was assumed the potential of subverting
the idea of “radio separator” repeated between the several programs,
becoming an unusual transmission of many short time moments which may
surprise because of the different contents of these pieces.

The need of showing the mentioned pieces decontextualized from those
radiophonic moments, is related with the necessity and possibility of
listening to each piece along with the artist’s name and the title of the
piece, the authorship of each artist invited as well as his identity,
revealed in one minute of sound.

At the same time, this possibility of  a “listening room” for the sound
pieces, motivates also more attention in this acousmatic field which the
radio itself already enables but an intimistic dark room with a good
acoustics is more suitable to this kind of sound subtleties which, depending
on the aesthetics of each artist, may go from the  noise to the near silence,
passing by concrete sounds and field recordings, produced by visual artists
and/or musicians, in a very plastic way, sometimes low-fi but always
assumed. Singers voices from tales and poetry, pop music, sound collages and
glitchy techno minimal and moments of Portuguese and French punk rock, ten
strings Portuguese guitar with voices, experimental soundscapes, excerpts
from performances which now, decontextualized from the moment of its
presentation becomes intriguing sound pieces where the total silence is also
welcome as a radiophonic possibility…



Sound art exhibition held at the small auditorium of the Communications

Free entrance event.


*Opening hours: *

*1, 2 July (Thursday and Fryday) – 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.**

*3 July (Saturday) – 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.*




* *
Manuela São Simão
mobile: (+351) 936 756 991

*Radia Lx 2010 - 1 | 2 |3 | July | Lisbon*
International Radioart Festival

*[IN BETWEEN] radio pieces curated by EDITMAKEMIX  *
Sound exhibition at Communications
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