[ARENA] Interview with Annie Abrahams

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Sábado, 9 de Janeiro de 2010 - 13:28:14 WET

Artistic Textual and Performative Paths in New Media Correlations:
An Interview with Annie Abrahams

by Evelin Stermitz
Hz # 14 December 2009

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Annie Abrahams is a net artist, interweaving net art with collective
writing, performance, video, as well as installation. Annie Abrahams
works are structured on both digitized hyper and on site realities.
She constructs forms of collective writings on the net and
reconstructs them into offline perceptions, which leads to creations
of net-operas and other web based interventions. This interview offers
insights in her artistic practice and in her being human behind a
collective intelligence.

Annie Abrahams was born in Hilvarenbeek, the Netherlands, and since
1985 she lives in France. Annie Abrahams holds a doctorate in biology
from the University of Utrecht and is a graduate in fine arts from the
Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Arnhem. Her works are widely
discussed and have been exhibited international at institutions such
as the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo, Armenian Center for
Contemporary Experimental Art, Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castelló
Spain, and New Langton Arts in San Francisco. Annie Abrahams performed
her net pieces at Skuc Gallery in Ljubljana, La Centrale Gallery in
Montréal, Centre Pompidou, National Opera of Montpellier, Academy of
Fine Arts in Helsinki and many other venues.

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