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1.          參賽資格:

1.1.    所提交的影片必須在2008年1月後創作。

1.2.    影片長度以10分鐘為限。

1.3.    非英語的影片須配有英文字幕。

2.          提交作品及報名表:

2.1      報名表可透過電郵提交。

2.2      每件作品須附獨立報名表。

2.3      參賽者可於網上提交作品和報名表,或以郵寄方式遞交DVD光碟和列印本報名表。

2.4      DVD光碟上應注明作品標題、作者姓名、片長和屏幕比例。

2.5      網上遞交只接受AVI、MOV與MPEG格式檔,並透過www.sendspace.com或www.pando.com

2.6      沒有提交報名表的作品一概不獲受理。

2.7      海外參賽者應在郵件上注明:非商業物品,只作文化用途。

2.8      入圍作品將要提交mini DV錄影帶或DVD影片。

2.9      參賽者須自付運費。

3.          電郵/郵寄地址:


電郵地址:vafa.videoartforall  gmail.com



4.          截止提交日期:


5.          展覽日期及地點:


6.          評審:

6.1.  評審團由港澳兩地錄像藝術家組成,負責評審所有提交的作品。

6.2.  主辦機構會在展覽開幕前三星期以電郵方式通知得獎及入圍作品的作者。

6.3.  評審團之決定為最終決定。

7.          獎項:

7.1    優秀作品一名,將獲一千美元奬金,作者亦會受邀出席展覽開幕禮(包括往返澳門之交通費及兩晚住宿)。

7.2    主辦機構會為有關作品出版展覽目錄。

8.          評審準則:


9.          提交影片數目:


10.      其他:

10.1   比賽費用全免。

10.2   所有參賽作品將不予發還,但會保留在主辦機構的資料庫。

10.3   得獎及所有入選作品會用於研究工作和本活動相關的非商業性質放映。

10.4   作者同意主辦機構利用其部份作品(最長30秒)作錄像節的宣傳用途。

10.5   主辦機構對本章程有最終解釋權。

*VAFA – Video Art for All*

International Video Art Festival 2010

Open Call

                                *Regulations *

1.       Requirement of the entry:

1.1         Submitted videos must have been completed after January 2008.

1.2         Running time must not exceed 10 minutes.

1.3         Non-English spoken videos should have English subtitles.

2.       Submission of the entry form and Delivery of the entry:

2.1         Entry form can be submitted via e-mail.

2.2         Each submission should have one entry form.

2.3         Videos can be submitted online with the entry form or can be
sent by post on a DVD with a printed version of the entry form.

2.4         If you choose to submit a DVD, please label it with title,
author’s name, running time and aspect ratio.

2.5         If you choose to submit online, only AVI, MOV or MPEG files via
free upload service such as *www.sendspace.com* or *www.pando.com* will be

2.6         Videos without application form will not be accepted for the

2.7         All deliveries from international participants must be clearly
marked with the following note:


2.8         The selected entry will be requested to submit a mini-DV tape or
a DVD.

2.9         Shipping expenses are to be assumed by the applicant.

3.       Mailing address:

All required materials should be delivered to one of the following:

     *By Email:*  vafa.videoartforall  gmail.com

     *By Post:*

VAFA - Video Art For All

      Rua Francisco Xavier Pereira 45-59, 3 Floor

      Ed. Lun Hing Knitting Factory


*Blog*: vafa-videoartforall.blogspot.com

4.       Submission deadline:

The submission deadline is *30th September, 2010*. Any submission received
after this date will not be accepted.

5.       Exhibition date and venue:

Exhibition will run from 5th November to 3rd December, 2010 at Casa Garden –
Fundação Oriente Macau.

6.       Jury:

6.1         All submissions will be selected by the invited jury composed by
video artists from Macau and Hong Kong.

6.2         Selected artists will be informed by email of the results around
three weeks before the opening of the exhibition.

6.3         Jury’s decisions are final and no appeal will be accepted.

7.       Awards:

7.1         The best video will be awarded with US$1,000. The awarded artist
will be invited to present the work at the exhibition opening (including
roundtrip ticket and 2-night accommodation).

7.2         A catalogue of the exhibition will be printed.

8.       Criteria:

Video Art is today recognized as an autonomous art form. Therefore, we have
no fixed criteria concerning work themes or forms as long as it stays in the
art field. The only works that the jury will not consider are those
containing any kind of offensive or aggressive messages/contents.

9.       Numbers of the entry:

A maximum of three (3) videos can be submitted.

10.   Others:

10.1      The Festival entry is free.

10.2      Copies will not be returned, but will be kept in the organizer’s

10.3      Selected works will be used in research work and non-commercial
screenings related to the event.

10.4      Applicant should accept that an insert from his or her video, 30
seconds long at most, can be presented for Festival’s promotional purposes.

10.5      The organizer reserves the right to interpret or amend the
regulations and details of the Festival.

* *
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