[ARENA] panel on Dance & Performance in SL this Saturday: 2 Portuguese 2 Americans:)

Ana Boa-Ventura anaventura mail.utexas.edu
Sexta-Feira, 16 de Abril de 2010 - 07:36:10 WEST

Dear all,

You are invited to attend a panel on 'Dance & performance in Second  
- with Ana Boa-Ventura (UT Austin), Yacov Sharir (UT AUstin), Jennifer  
Monson (Univ. of Ilinois at Urbana-Champaign)  and Isabel Valverde  
(Center for Art & Technology, Portugal)
- summary attached.
- Part of the HASTAC 2010 conference  http://www.ichass.illinois.edu/hastac2010/HASTAC_2010

You can send your waves during the event while by clicking the google  
wave icon here

If the program appeals to you feel free to register to attend other  
Full program here: http://www.ichass.illinois.edu/hastac2010/HASTAC_2010/Schedule.html
And you would need to immediately register here: http://nucri.nu.edu/hastac/

But if you are an SL aficionado and would just like to attend our  
panel, simply do this:

This Saturday April 17 at 1Pm CST (USA) , which is 7PM Portuguese time  
login to the Lousiana State University SL Campus at:
you will see the LSU flag pole and 2 green spheres; use the  
appropriate one to teleport to Greek Amphitheater

Remember to download the new SL viewer in advance, and to keep voice  
off during the event.
Panelists will use voice but the question & answer session will be via  
IM. Instructions will be given at the start of the panel.

Email anaventura  mail.utexas.edu if you have questions.
Best and 'see' you there!
Ana Boa-Ventura

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