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Segunda-Feira, 21 de Setembro de 2009 - 14:29:44 WEST

"Digital Developments"
an exciting season of artist development weekends scheduled over the Autumn.

The season runs from "Found Sound Stories" led by sound artist and  
composer, Janek Schaefer, through "Using Sensors for Performance &  
Installation", "Experimental Digital Printmaking", ending up with  
"Circuit Bending: Atari Punk Console" at the end of November.

You can download a PDF document with details of the season from the  
front page of  http://www.digitalmediacentre.org.
Martin Franklin
Manager, Digital Media Centre
tel: 01344 416261
skype: dmcbracknell
twittering on: http://www.twitter.com/dmcbracknell

24/25 October
Found Sound Stories
Janek Schaefer, award winning composer and sound artist, introduces a  
weekend of field recording, performance and the physical manipulation  
of found sounds using an array of recording devices, turntables and  
Minidisc.  A laptop-free zone in which to record and imagine an active  
audio narrative, leading to improvised performance.

7/8 November
Using Sensors For Installation & Performance
Nic Sandiland is a multi-media artist working with installation,  
performance and film.  A weekend combining practical instruction with  
creative input.  Students will learn to manipulate digital audio and  
video in a real time environment using infra-red, ultrasound and  
distance sensors coupled with the Arduino micro-controller.

21/22 November
Experimental Digital Printmaking
Janet Curley Cannon leads a weekend of experimental digital  
printmaking, printing on to different papers, collages materials,  
fabrics and applying digital transfers to other surfaces using Ink  
Aid.  The emphasis will be on exploring and experimenting with digital  
images using the Epson 7600 large format printer.

28/29 November
Circuit Bending
Professor Asmo teaches the Circuit Bending: Atari Punk Console  
weekend.  The task for the weekend is to build the Baby 5 Atari Fuzz  
Console. It's a modification of Forrest M Mims III 's stepped tone  
generator with the addition of a 5 step sequencer, fuzz circuit and  
preamp. Click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoGwFN6GytA to view  
a video of the prototype.

Discounted accommodation is available locally from £38 inc. breakfast.  
 Please ask for details when booking your ticket at the SHP Box Office.

For further information, please contact Martin Franklin 01344 416261  
email: martin at digitalmediacentre.org 
or see: http://www.digitalmediacentre.org 

Box Office open 9.30am-9.00pm. Telephone: 01344 484123 or via the  
South Hill Park web site http://www.southhillpark.org.uk 

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