[ARENA] fwd) Prospectives.09 Festival, Nov 12-14, 2009, Reno/Nevada

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Sexta-Feira, 18 de Setembro de 2009 - 09:32:34 WEST

International Digital Arts Festival
November 12-14, 2009, University of Nevada, Reno



-Exhibit, Play, Present, Perform, Project(full dome)-

The Digital Media Studio of the Department of Art of the University  
of Nevada, Reno presents Prospectives.09 (previously RIFNM) We invite  
interdisciplinary graduate and phd students working in digital media  
to the UNR campus and Reno community for a series of events focused  
on emerging interdisciplinary practice in the digital arts.  A juried  
exhibition in the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, along with three days  
events featuring performances, symposia, game art and full-dome  
projections in venues in and around the UNR campus and Downtown Reno.

This event presents a unique opportunity for graduate and phd  
candidates to share and interact with fellow practitioners and the  
general public a diversity of approaches to experimental, digital  
practice in the visual, performing and auditory arts.

Graduate candidates present and discuss their work, issues, ideas and  
trends as emerging practicioners.
Thursday, November 12th
Location TBA
10:00am - 4:00pm

Juried exhibition showcasing recent works by prospective, emerging  
talent in the digital realm, at this, the prime location for  
contemporary and experimental art in Northern Nevada.
November 12th - December 16th, 2009
Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery
5:30-6:30pm  Artist's Panel Presentation
6:30-8:00pm Festival Opening Reception

The festival will highlight experimental work in the area of computer  
gaming, interactivity and social media. Grads working in all areas of  
experimentation involving the notion of "play" in the larest possible  
sense of the word, will be featured throughout festival events and  

A diverse evening of experimental performance art and music utilizing  
the potential of digital systems for creative expression in a live,  
theatrical setting.
Friday, November 13th
The Wayne and Miriam Prim Theater, Nevada Museum of Art

Project(full dome)
Screening of juried and selected experiments utilizing full-dome  
technology, for immersive, dome-based video projection.
Saturday, November 14th
Fleischman Planetarium and Science Center

Joseph DeLappe, Festival Director
Digital Media Studio
Department of Art/224
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV 89557
delappe "@" unr.edu

Hosted by the Digital Media Studio
Department of Art, University of Nevada, Reno

This event is sponsored by the Benna Foundation for Excellence in the  
Fine Arts, The University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Art, The  
Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, the Fleischman Planetarium and Science  
Center, and theNevada Museum of Art.

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