[ARENA] Conversas de Arte & Ciência 13 of October | 3-6pm Museu da Ciência/Coimbra

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Segunda-Feira, 5 de Outubro de 2009 - 18:25:25 WEST

Last days of the exhibition
"O Laboratório Invisível" until the 18th of October in Museu da  
Herwig Turk/PauloPereira

upcomming Symposium
Conversas de Arte & Ciência 13 of October| 3 - 6pm, Museu da Ciência/ 

"The Invisible Lab" brings together the latest works created under  
the umbrella of the project BLINDSPOT, initiated in 2004 by Herwig  
Turk with Paulo Pereira.

BLINDSPOT creates art objects and devices that seek to confront the  
symbolic value of perception both as contaminant and as part of the  
construction process of scientific knowledge.

The approach isolates and highlights aspects, usually invisible and  
peripheral, which are part of the process of scientific production.  
The project aims at giving the contingencies, the determinisms and  
the circumstances that affect the formation /construction of an  
observation /representation a dramaturgical protagonism by,  
exploring, in artistic terms, the epistemological foundations of  
science including the principle of falsification (Popper ), the  
uncertainty (Heisenberg) or the incompleteness (Gödel).

Moreover, it proposes a reflection on the social representation of  
scientific knowledge and on the imagination that science serves.  
BLINDSPOT focuses on the ideological implications, the conceptual and  
philosophical notions such as truth or objectivity, often associated  
with scientific practice. Finally, the project promotes an integrated  
and constructive art and science liaison as activities that share  
methods, procedures and a determination to find new ways of  
representing reality.

Museu da Ciência
Laboratorio Chimico
Largo Marquês de Pombal
3000-272 Coimbra
T: 351 239 85 43 50
F: 351 239 85 43 59
geral  museudaciencia.org

opening hours:
tuesday to sunday, das 10 am to 6 pm

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