[ARENA] 5" split by Janek Schaefer & Stephan Mathieu, new release in Crónica

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Quarta-Feira, 25 de Novembro de 2009 - 14:50:45 WET



Crónica is very proud to present its forty-seventh release, a split 5″ vinyl by Janek Schaefer and Stephan Mathieu in a very limited pressing of 50 numbered cuts. All of the discs in this release are unique originals, with different audio content, and packaged in 50 original covers created by Arménio Martins.

Janek Schefer: “Fifty Inner Spaces (for JG Ballard)”

“Inner Space Memorial [for JG Ballard]” is a music & sculpture series in memory of the novelist JG Ballard (1930–2009). He lived a mile from my studio in the far west fringes of Greater London. His life was astonishing. His central treatise was ‘inner space’ [as opposed to outer space]. The novel Concrete Island inspired my early project The Memory Museum. He died in April 2009 while I was reading his autobiography. I was preparing to go and say hello. He was a full time father and reading his daughter’s Eulogy is inspirational. I have been moved to produce a multiple of works in memory of his legacy. This 5″ vinyl is the first release which takes the 20 minute composition and cuts random 2 minute slices of sound from the master track. Fifty little slices of inner space. Janek winter 2009.

Stephan Mathieu: “Girl”

Girl is an excerpt from an audio file of 11 hours duration, a string of slowly changing data rattle. This file is generated from a screenshot taken from the classic Arcade jump-and-run game Donkey Kong. The girl is Princess Pauline, my piece is a tribute to the beauty of data. Stephan, Roma 24.11.09


This 5″ vinyl disc is only available directly from Crónica, for 30€ (post included). Order it now. Serial numbers will be shipped sequentially.




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