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> Subject: <nettime> Academy of Fine Arts Vienna squatted!
> On Tuesday, October 20 2009 the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna was  
> squatted, here is the statement and the demands of the occupants:
> The Bologna process aims at an extensive convergence of european  
> Universities with the Anglo-American education system. The aim is  
> to enter competition in the global education market in order to  
> strengthen universitie's economic position and increase their  
> research dependent revenues. The establishment of regulative norms  
> and the harmonization of standards are the basis and at the same  
> time the precondition of this process: without standardization  
> there can be no measurability, without measurability no  
> comparability, without comparability no competition. Economization  
> and the logic of competition are imposed at every level of  
> knowledge production.
> The result is intercontinental as well as inter-EU competition, in  
> which single universities and their departments compete amongst  
> themselves for the best results and statistics. The processes  
> involved in the creation of an education economy with knowledge as  
> the commodity correspond to the general tendencies towards  
> privatization and commodification of all spheres of life under  
> neoliberal capitalism. They lead to educational institution's  
> increased dependency on their sponsors, cynically defined as the  
> autonomization of universities.
> In this context autonomy is a euphemism for the new forms of  
> governing institutions. The autonomized universities are not  
> autonomous in the sense of self-determined at all. They are rather  
> directed to fulfil the needs of economy and industry, as well as to  
> subjugate themselves to market logic: efficiency, competition and  
> managerial ruling structures. The democratisation of universities,  
> implemented in the 1970s, is successively abolished -  
> democratically legitimized bodies are disenfranchised and replaced  
> by top-down hierarchical structures.
> In the composition of the Bologna 3-level study model, a paradigm  
> change has manifested itself, in the last few years there has been  
> a shift from a pluralistic ideal of education to an economy- 
> oriented model of education. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has  
> repeatedly and explicitly positioned itself against this  
> degradation and the establishment of the Bachelor-Master system.
> We refuse to subjugate ourselves to the logic of politics and economy!
> We're fighting to define learning, teaching and research for  
> ourselves!
> We declare solidarity with the education protests in Bangladesh,  
> Brazil, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, India,  
> Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Croatia, Netherlands, Serbia,  
> South Africa, USA!
> **********
> 1. We oppose ourselves to university-based organisational  
> structures that are determined by economic ends, as well as to the  
> privatisation of teaching, research and knowledge production more  
> broadly. We demand the full public funding and re-democratization  
> of all educational institutions as well as the unconditional  
> abolition of university fees!
> 2. We oppose ourselves to the pseudo-autonomy of universities. We  
> demand the immediate withdrawal of §8* of the UG 2002!
> §8.: 'Upon the proposal of the minister of education, the  
> government may impose the installation of a branch of study on a  
> university or several universities, given this is necessary on the  
> basis of political decisions in the fields of education or science,  
> and given there is no related former agreement as in a contract  
> regarding university performance.'
> We demand the freedom to define what teaching and research, as well  
> as science and art, mean in the context of our universities.
> 3. We oppose ourselves to quality assessments concerning science  
> and art when these operate by economic criteria. We are against the  
> forced imposition of self-marketing strategies on universities, and  
> against the conflation of education with competitiveness and elitism.
> We demand the abolition of knowledge surveys and agreements on  
> productivity!
> 4. We oppose ourselves to the degrading transformation of  
> universities and schools into training facilities oriented by the  
> labour market.
> We want education as space for thinking, not training as the mere  
> reproduction of workforce!.
> 5. We insist that the government refrain from taking teaching and  
> art, science and research to be seperable as objects of thought and  
> administration. We demand that the corresponding ministeries be  
> merged immediately.
> We insist that the rector defend the position of the Academy - and  
> not his private view - when it comes to negotiating the terms of  
> productivity with the ministry.
> We demand that the rector make sure all existing courses of study  
> remain in place, according to the decisions taken at the academy.
> We demand that all financial activities within the term of the  
> current agreement on productivity (2007-2009) be immediately revealed.
> Edited by teachers and students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
> Sign the petition: http://www.malen-nach-zahlen.at/?page_id=144
> http://www.malen-nach-zahlen.at (content is being translated to  
> english ...)
> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=154379632337
> http://twitter.com/malennach
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