[ARENA] exh. FEEDFORWARD. The Angel of History. LABoral, Gijon/Spain

Andreas Broeckmann ab mikro.in-berlin.de
Sábado, 7 de Novembro de 2009 - 23:25:42 WET

Cleaning up after the 20th century. What is progress now?
22.10.2009 - 05.04.2010

LABoral Centro de Arte, Gijón, Spain

Feedforward. The Angel of History addresses the current moment in  
history where the wreckage of political conflict and economic  
inequality is piling up, while globalized forces-largely enabled by  
the "progress" of digital information technologies-inexorably feed us  
forward. The exhibition title references Paul Klee's painting  
"Angelus Novus," which Walter Benjamin famously interpreted as an  
"angel of history" transfixed by the wreckage of the past that is  
piling up in front of him while being propelled backwards into the  
uncertain future by a storm from paradise (progress).

CURATORS: Christiane Paul & Steve Dietz

ARTISTS: AES+F, Christopher Baker, Stella Brennan, Paul Chan, Nancy  
Davenport, Nonny de la Peña y Peggy Weil, Hasan Elahi, Cao Fei,  
Bárbara Fluxá, Daniel García Andújar, Fernando García-Dory, Goldin +  
Senneby, Harwood, Wright, Yokokoji, Knowbotic Research + Peter  
Sandbichler, Langlands + Bell, Jennifer + Kevin McCoy, Margot  
Lovejoy, Naeem Mohaiemen, Ali Momeni + Robin Mandel, Carlos Motta,  
Trevor Paglen, Rachael Rakena, Fez Fa'anana, Brian Fuata, Stephanie  
Rothenberg + Jeff Crouse, System-77CCR Consortium, Piotr Szyhalski,  
Tamiko Thiel + Teresa Reuter, Carey Young

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