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> EUROPEAN BIENNIAL NETWORK - Biennial Exchange and Residency Programme
> Residency Programme - OPEN CALL FOR APPLICATIONS
> As part of its ongoing Residency Programme, the European Biennial  
> Network is issuing an Open Call for applications for a residency  
> position offered by the Lyon Biennial.
> The European Biennial Network is a collaborative structure, active  
> in the field of contemporary art, that aims to promote dialogue,  
> interaction and collaboration between contemporary art Biennials in  
> Europe. It intends to use the knowledge, experience and wealth of  
> information accumulated by organisers of large-scale periodic art  
> events, in order to support the communication and mobility of  
> artists and art professionals.
> The Residency Programme of the European Biennial Network aims to  
> offer to successful applicants the opportunity to conduct original  
> research on contemporary art in a major city, while supported by  
> the organisers of a biennial exhibition. The knowledge and  
> experience of the host and its relationship to the specific  
> locality will provide the resident access to the local art scene,  
> historical records, archives, academic collocutors, and any other  
> support necessary for research.
> Each member Biennial of the European Biennial Network is  
> individually responsible for the resident it will host. The  
> position for which this Open Call is made is the following:
> One five-month residency for an artist hosted by the Lyon Biennial,  
> between 15th April 2009 to 15th September 2009.
> Residency position requirements: Lyon Biennial-Veduta is inviting  
> proposals for a 5-month residency period that focuses on  
> territories currently goind under urban renewal. The notion of  
> “urban renewal” dates back to the 1990s, and refers to the  
> different interventions implemented in difficult neighborhoods,  
> interventions which have been trying to improve their working  
> operations and favour their integration in the city. These  
> interventions range from restructuring apartment buildings to  
> improving bus services, creating new public services, setting up  
> new companies, and social accompanying of the residents. Within  
> this context, the curators of the Biennial (guest curator and  
> artistic director) are setting up an artist residency in 3 main  
> territories: Le Carrée de Soie, Le Grand Parc and Lyon-Vénissieux.
> The purpose of the residency is the production of an in situ work,  
> to be shown during the Lyon Biennial 2009 (14 September 2009 – 3  
> January 2010). The notion of in situ is to be understood in the  
> broad sense of the term: it can be an artistic work part of the  
> urban landscape or using the material or immaterial content of the  
> occupied urban space for the production of an installation or any  
> other kind of contemporary creation. The kind of intervention could  
> be an exhibition, a performance, or even an urban sculpture.
> From April to September 2009, the artist will be expected to come 4  
> or 5 times for short residencies in the territories. On this  
> occasion, meetings with the residents, and with local councillors  
> will be organized, which will take the form of conferences,  
> workshops, or any other form that will best suit the artist’s project.
> Applications must be made for the specific residency position. The  
> successful applicant will be selected by the Lyon Biennial. (Please  
> see Application Guidelines below.)
> Application Guidelines:
> Applications must be made by cv and a letter of interest (max. 500  
> words). There is no special application form.
> In the letter of interest, the applicant must clearly outline how  
> he/she intends to respond to the requirements of the position.
> Applicants may be requested to provide further clarifications and/ 
> or additional material, during the selection process. This will not  
> constitute any indication as to the success of the application.
> Generic applications, or ones not clearly relating to the  
> requirements of the position, will not be accepted.
> Applications must be in French and/or English.
> Although the Lyon Biennial will be selecting the successful  
> applicant, applications must not be sent directly to the Lyon  
> Biennial. Any such applications will not be accepted. Applications  
> must be sent by e-mail only(attached as word or pdf documents) to  
> the European Biennial Network:contact  europeanbiennialnetwork.org.
> Application deadline: 31st March 2009, inclusive.
> The successful applicant will be notified by the Lyon Biennial,  
> after 10th April 2009.
> Only the successful applicant will be notified. We regret that due  
> to the volume of applications expected, we cannot individually  
> reply to each applicant.
> Biennial Exchange and Residency Programme
> with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union
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