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> ==============
> Call for participation - Sound &/or Text for installation  
> 'TheROOM' (a part of SOUNDLEAK project)
> The upcoming installation 'TheROOM', a part of 'SOUNDLEAK' project,  
> will open in Wels, Austria on April 9, 2009.
> As a part of the ROOM feature, you are invited to participate with  
> 'sounds of your room & neighbors/neighborhood'.
> More details below;
> ===============
> What:
> 'TheROOM' is a study of 'hearing through the walls, partitions, and  
> visually blocked area' by Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat).
> It is a simulation of your neighbor. Any kind of neighbor: next  
> door, any home on the street you'd walk by, the office room next to  
> you, etc.
> We hear sounds all the time through visual partitions beyond which  
> we tend to believe 'the separate space there.' However, aurally  
> speaking, the space is not easily divided with clear lines.  
> Complexity resides in the overlaps. The overlaps are the  
> intersections of aural arena, and the region of ambiguity.
> There are many questions on 'the region' and our reactions towards  
> the 'bleeding' (things not fitting in the visual boundaries.)
> What is happening in there? What are we sharing? - though we seem to  
> make attempts to block anything 'not matching' with the visual  
> boundaries? Have amendments on city's zoning laws affected our  
> hearing and sense of sharing with neighbors?
> Are we hearing? Do we know our neighbors?
> *** 'TheROOM' is a part of SOUNDLEAK project. Another part,  
> 'NowPlaying' is tentatively scheduled to debut in an abbreviated  
> scale at Saturn Elektronik Store in Linz, Austria on April 7, 2009.
> ============
> When/Where:
> 9-24 April, 2009 @Medien Kultur Haus, Wels, Austria
> 'TheROOM', a part of 'What You Really Need' being commissioned by  
> Medien Kultur Haus and Linz 2009 Kulturhauptstadt Europa.
> http://linz09.medienkulturhaus.at/
> ============
> Call for participation (for non-Wels/Linz residents.)
> * If you're in Wels, Linz, and/or any close regions, you can submit  
> in the following ways, of course, but also welcome to be booked for  
> 'live rehearsal/practice', 'live mini-party', 'live-quarrels', etc.  
> inside 'TheROOM'. ) - Please let me know if you're interested to  
> appear (well, not be seen though!) in live.)
> ---------------
> Submission:
> Any of the following (or both!) is welcome to submit:
> 1) Sound file(s) (MP3, AIFF, AAC, and WAV) made inside of your &/or  
> your neighbor's room; recording/rehearsal of your/your band's  
> practicing musical instruments; party sounds from your neighbors/ 
> streets; recording of your statement/argument/counter-arguments-to- 
> your-neighbor's-complaints-against-you on neighbor noise issues,  
> etc.  - max. 10 min. (shorter is fine, of course!)
> 2) Your thoughts in text (typed on paper, emailed, and/or hand- 
> written) - If it's typed-on-paper or hand-written, please either  
> scan into pdf, or mail to my address (included below) by 3/22/09  
> (not postmarked!)
> Text regarding...
> • Hearing sounds from neighbors &/or anything outside your room/house
> • issues of noise complaints (psychological, philosophical,  
> sociological, historical, etc.)
> • leaked sounds (not only through the walls/windows/pipes etc. but  
> also through earbuds, headsets, etc.)
> ---------------------------
> • The sound file(s) should be able to be played on iTunes.
> • Sound quality is not the most important factor. (mono, low-bit  
> recording is completely fine!)
> • Be aware that the submitted sounds are to be played from 'inside'  
> of TheROOM structure, and visitors will only hear the sounds from  
> outside. But don't be discouraged to submit anything including 'tiny  
> sounds' &/or super high or low frequencies - as it is a part of  
> 'listening situation' where _not_all_ sounds are audible. And also  
> 'what is audible', is really varied depending on the person.
> • If you can only record into cassette tapes, let me know. If it's  
> submitted early enough, I can record into a digital format.
> • Please include your name and contact (E-address. Web url too - if  
> any. But no bios please.)
> • Indicate a specific name you'd like to appear. (e.g. use 'artist's  
> moniker - if you prefer...) All names will be credited on the  
> program for 'TheROOM'.
> • Please be encouraged to choose free content licensing such as CC- 
> BY, CC-BY-SA, or public domain. (Indicate your choice! If not  
> elected, it will be treated as CC-BY-SA.)
> CC license info >> http://creativecommons.org/about/licenses/
> • The files will be compiled as a playlist, and also listenable via  
> blip.fm. (link will be announced later this month.)
> -------------------------
> Submission info:
> Electronic submission (preferred)
> • Drop file(s) at http://dropbox.yousendit.com/picnic939068
> (If it has multiple files (audio + text), make sure to put them in  
> one folder, and zip it before dropping. Do not send files separately  
> - which is to cause 'orphaned/unidentified' files.
> Snail mail submission (if necessary)
> • Mail it to:
> Keiko Uenishi
> 345 Eldert St. #316
> Brooklyn, NY 11237
> ---------
> Deadlines:
> Though it'll be best/easiest to be submitted electronically,
> 1) If you'd prefer to mail the material to me, make sure it to  
> arrive by 23 March, 2009 (via mail or hand in-person.)
> 2) Electronic submission can be done by the end of April 3, 2009.
> ----------
> Inquiries:
> email me: oblaten_at_gmail.com
> ==============
> Thank you!!! + Looking really forward to hearing from you!!
> Keiko Uenishi (o.blaat)
> http://myspace.com/oblaat
> http://obla.at (<<--- needs a serious update)





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