[ARENA] Carnaval - Edição Especial

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Terça-Feira, 3 de Março de 2009 - 23:41:15 WET


pintor   ---------    2009


pintor brings some attractions today!

1)- The locative media art documentary "Mamãe eu quero..." ( Mommy I
want ...)  about Rio's carnival is ready at:

There you will find much fun, colors, music and more: Carmen Miranda,
Tom & Jerry,  Robin and his friends, Paulo Villela dressed with his
small and colorful donkey samba, samba, samba & sambódromo.

This work is composed of eight plates, the download of the two first
can be slow, but not so much; the download of the other six is fast.

PS: "Mamãe eu Quero" (Mommy I Want...")  by Jararaca & Vicente Paiva
is a  Classic Carnival song.


2)- The wonderful photographic essay "Carnaval no Morro da Conceição"
(Carnival at Conceição Hill) by Marcelo Frazão, who is not a "Sunday
Painter" as pintor  but is showing his Work at pintor's microblog
gallery > http://pintor.tumblr.com . It is important to say that
Frazão did not use any photoshop effect on his photos. Pay attention
on the strange yellow/orange light that appears in many photos.

All best,
pintor aka Regina Pinto

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