[ARENA] Time Slip Red Leds : VOORUIT the game is up! How to save the world in 10 days

Antoine Schmitt as gratin.org
Terça-Feira, 3 de Março de 2009 - 14:58:57 WET

Pour vous qui habitez en Belgique (et pour les autres car ce n'est  
pas si loin...)
For you who live in Belgium (and for the others because it is not so  
far away...)

J'ai le grand plaisir d'exposer TIME SLIP Red Leds dans l'exposition  
"the game is up! How to save the world in 10 days" au centre d'art  
Vooruit à Gand/Gent (BE) (informations ci-dessous). Un afficheur à  
LED grandeur nature fait défiler les dernières dépêches des  
agences... conjuguées au futur. Cette version sculpturale de Time  
Slip a été fabriquée par timelab, nouveau laboratoire de production  
pour artistes et designers, avec le soutien du centre d'art Vooruit.

I have the great pleasure to exhibit TIME SLIP Red Leds in the  
exhibition "the game is up! How to save the world in 10 days" in the  
art center Vooruit in Gand/Gent (BE) (informations below). A public  
real size LED display scrolls the latest news from news agencies...  
conjugated at the future tense. This sculptural version of Time Slip  
has been made by timelab, a new production laboratory for artists and  
designers, with the support of the Vooruit art center.

Vernissage demain le 4 mars 2009 à 18h à Gand/Gent
Opening tomorrow March 4 2009 at 6pm in Gand/Gent

Au plaisir de vous y rencontrer !
Hoping to meet you there !


// ---------- festival information ----------------

the game is up! How to save the world in 10 days
wed 4 – sat 14 march, Vooruit, Gent/Belgium

Global warming, the financial crisis, famine, drought and  
overpopulation… The end is near, but don’t despair: Vooruit will  
save the world!
Artists and experts from different disciplines will launch proposals  
to save the world, put the threat in perspective or blow up the whole  
Well-aimed happenings, bold statements, bizarre turns, sophisticated  
utopias and biodegradable references.

Full program online!
day-to-day program, download here

to warm you up:


the game is up! exhibition with Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser,  
Kristof Kintera, Michel de Broin and others - opening wed 4 march  

A crash between two large wooden cars in the middle of the Vooruit  
Café. This image by German artist duo Kaltwasser and Köbberling  
offers a perfect summary of the exhibition at the game is up. Nothing  
screams pollution and consumption more than cars do, while wood  
stands for nature, sustainability and recycling.
All through the Vooruit building you can discover an exhibition with  
sculptures, installations and videos by artists who are all – to a  
varying degree – concerned with current global issues. Other  
projects in the exhibition: Michel de Broin - Shelter (creation fort  
the game is up!), Dead star en Shared propulsion car; Moose aka Paul  
Curtis - Reverse Graffiti / Seed Bombs (guerilla gardening);  
Kaltwasser & Köbberling - Autos zu Fahrräder; Antoine Schmitt - Time  
Slip; FoAM (lab); Angelo Vermeulen - Biomodd; Annemie Maes/So-on -  
Politics of change; HeHe - Nuage Vert; Antoine Defoort - La Fusée /  
Le vent dans les cheveux.


Performance: Julien Maire – Modèle pour l’Apocalypse
4 march (21:30 - 23:30) - http://www.vooruit.be/en/event/1800

With Modèle pour l’Apocalypse Maire has constructed a special urban  
development plan for the future. When you take a closer look at his  
architectural model, you can see that it actually consists of slowly  
collapsing apartment blocks.


FrictiesSalon: Natalie Jeremijenko – Environmental Health Clinic
6 march (20:00) - http://www.vooruit.be/en/event/1804

With her Environmental Health Clinic Natalie Jeremijenko strives to  
improve the health of her patients by tackling environmental factors.  
Just like in an ordinary hospital, you come in for a consultation,  
but instead of walking out with a prescription, you will be referred  
to local environmental movements, local authorities or clubs. The  
hospital then organizes concrete actions to improve the environmental  
factors in your neighbourhood..  www.environmentalhealthclinic.net.


Conference: Tickle your catastrophe
6 / 7 march (http://www.catastrophe.ugent.be)

At the two-day conference Tickle Your Catastrophe the ruling image of  
the catastrophe in art, philosophy and science gets a kick up the  
rear! Whereas the twentieth century was dominated by political  
extremism and (coping with) trauma, it is the fear of the inevitable  
and complete catastrophe that reigns at the beginning of a new  
century. More : http://www.vooruit.be/en/event/1802


FrictiesSalon: HeHe and FoAM
10 march (20:00) - http://www.vooruit.be/en/event/1805
Apart from exhibiting documentation about their prizewinning work  
‘Nuage Vert’, the two founders of HeHe (Helen Evans and Heiko  
Hansen) will talk about their work in general in a Salonpresentation.
FoAM will set up a biodegradable lab where scientists, artists and  
experts occupy themselves with patabotany and guild-gardening,  
involving plants in videogames and plant-person interaction. In this  
Salon they will elaborate on their history and practice.

the game is up! LIVE ARTS
Sponsored By Nobody - W.M.D. (just the low points) - 4 and 5 march
Antoine Defoort & Halory Goerger - &&&&& & &&& - 4 till 7 march
Kris Verdonck - Actor #1 (preview) - 11 march
Antonia Baehr - Rire - 13 and 14 march
Davis Freeman - Assasins - 13 march


the game is up! CONCERTS
Dror Feiler - Basura (intervention in the city) -  4 march
Pamelia Kurstin + Erwin Stache & Atonor - 6 march
Kapotski - Iglo + Dror Feiler - Cantos de la Columna Vertebral - 12  

More on the whole program http://www.vooruit.be/en/


Eva De Groote
Music and media art | Arts Centre Vooruit | St.Pietersnieuwstr. 23  
9000 Ghent/Belgium | fixed 0032 (0) 9  267 28 89 | mobile  0032 (0)  
497 52 88 05
Vooruit is supported by:
Vlaamse overheid / Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen / Stad Gent De Morgen /  
P&V / Radio 1

the game is up! is supported by:
partners Kunstencentrum van de toekomst Belgacom / Belnet / Cisco /  
IBBT Transdigital i.h.k.v. INTERREG IV France Wallonie Vlaanderen

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