[ARENA] DESPUÉS DE USTED - 27th of June until 1st of July @MATADOR

PISO piso.seco gmail.com
Sexta-Feira, 26 de Junho de 2009 - 11:11:22 WEST

*PISO COLLECTIVE *is glad to invite you to the opening of

*"Después de Usted*" on the 27th of June at 16H @ MATADOR - Hobrechtstrasse
65 HH

[image: Despues de Usted]

*Después de Usted - 27/06 - 01/07 >>>> *

Después de Usted is a collaborative project that emerges in order to create
bonds between the various creative processes of two groups: LaTejedoraCCEC,
Valencia and PISO, currently based in Berlin.

Despues de Usted is a bilateral project, which feeds the distance of these
two groups to join in a proposal that will culminate in an exhibition
project, located first in Valencia and now in Berlin.

This project emerges from the idea of *"cadavre esquis"*, where the work is
developed between the dialogue between senders and receivers. The exhibition
is the result of a practical exercise, held from 11 descriptions proposed by
the allies artists based in Berlin, of which 22 pieces have emerged,
corresponding to both groups, Piso and LaTejedoraCCEC.*<<<<*

*Piso / Berlin:*

Francisco Queimadela; Mariana Caló; Catarina Miranda ; Kute; Sara Pereira;
Julia Gaisbacher ; Carolina Cordeiro; Pedro André; Eirick Sördal ; Sonia
Genoese; Sofia Lomba;

*LaTejedora CCEC / Valencia:*

Inés Parcero; Juanli Carrión; Lorenzo Sandoval; Martha Pina; Mik Baro; Ester
Torah; Sergio Luna; Noah Bermejo Tubal Perales; Giuliana Origgio
We hope to see you all!

Después de Usted is integrated in LAWINE PROJEKT, a non-commercial event
organized by PISO collective, currently based in Berlin and supported by
This project is funded by ‘Youth In Action’ (European Cultural Foundation)
and Reitoria da Universidade do Porto (Pt).

For more information please visit

http://opiso.blogspot.com** *


hobrechtstrasse 65, berlin


hobrechtstrasse 65, berlin
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