[ARENA] Kurator and LX 2.0 INFECTED commission - vir.us.exe by carlos katastrofsky

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Quinta-Feira, 4 de Junho de 2009 - 00:51:41 WEST

Na sequência deste vírus orientado para o desporto e para o querido  
Bill, a partir do próximo dia 10 de Junho (Oh Portugal !) recebo com  
muito gosto um grande amigo (e artista) vindo do México, quem sabe  
com a Gripe A - Mexicana ou Suína para os mais puristas. Assim,  
convido/anuncio que o potencial vírus vai andar à solta por Lisboa e  
arredores e é bem provável que se passeie pelo "Santo António" (eu é  
que sou o Santo!) até altas horas, a espalhar o seu perfume a  
cerveja, pois não vai poder espalhar outro. Depois não digam que não  
os avisei, preparem os vossos Antibothis  - alguém se lembra de ter  
ouvido falar deles?

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> Fantástico, Mike!
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> Subject: [ARENA] Kurator and LX 2.0 INFECTED commission -  
> vir.us.exe by carlos katastrofsky
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> Date: Wednesday, June 3, 2009, 11:37 AM
> KURATOR and LX 2.0 are pleased to announce the first of two
> commissions selected from an open call to infect the 2012 Olympics, as
> part of the Anti-Bodies contemporary art programme.
> vir.us.exe, carlos katastrofsky
> http://www.anti-bodies.net/vir.us.exe
> vir.us.exe is a windows program, communicated and spread by e-mail
> announcements, mailing lists and other networked (viral) press
> activities.
> katastrofsky explains that a virus lives upon the reproduction of
> itself with the aim to survive as long as possible. However, the most
> dangerous parts of such an infection are not always the harmful cells
> a virus is based upon; it is the psychological concept of fear acting
> invisibly in the background. The project thus strips down the
> mechanisms of a viral infection and transfers its core principles into
> the digital realm. By avoiding everything a virus should do, only the
> virus itself will be left. This way it will become a meta-virus
> spreading not because it is an actual virus but because it is
> perceived as such.
> vir.us.exe is commissioned by KURATOR and LX 2.0, as part of the
> Anti-Bodies programme co-ordinated by Relational with support from
> Arts Council England, granted the London 2012 Inspire mark as part of
> the Cultural Olympiad.
> http://www.kurator.org
> LX 2.0 / Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporanea
> http://www.lisboa20.pt/lx20/
> Relational
> http://www.relational.org.uk
> Anti-Bodies
> http://www.anti-bodies.net
> carlos katastrofsky is a Vienna-based artist working primarily in the
> field of new media art. His work examines the politics of
> Internet-based art production, distribution and consumption, and how
> dominant practices of the artistic modus vivendi - curating, dealing,
> showing, and reviewing- function in the virtual realm, where the
> immaterial has replaced the object. His works explore characteristic
> features of the Internet such as software, interfaces, language, and
> discussion forums - to question the current development of the Web. He
> is co-founder of CONT3XT.NET (2006) – a collaborative platform for the
> dicussion and presentation of issues related to Media Art.
> http://katastrofsky.cont3xt.net/
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