[ARENA] First international conference on computational creativity - Lisbon

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Quarta-Feira, 22 de Julho de 2009 - 18:02:14 WEST

First international conference on computational creativity
Lisbon, Portugal, 7-9 January 2010

Although it seems clear that creativity plays an important role in
developing intelligent computational systems, it is less clear how to
model, simulate, or evaluate creativity in such systems. In other
words, it is often easier to recognize the presence and effect of
creativity than to describe or prescribe it.
The purpose of this conference is to facilitate the exchange of ideas
on the topic of computational creativity in a cross-disciplinary
setting.  It will bring together people from AI, Cognitive Science and
related areas such as Psychology, Philosophy and the Arts who research
questions related to the notion of creativity as it relates to
computational systems.  This focus on creativity in the context of
computational systems has the potential for increasing innovation in
existing fields of research as well as for defining new fields of
study, including:

   1. Artificially Creative Systems: development of computational
systems that produce or simulate creativity. These systems may be
inspired by human creativity or by the possibilities of artificial
systems beyond human capabilities.
   2. Computational Models of Human Creativity: construction of
cognitive models of human creativity that can be the basis for
computational creativity.
   3. Computational Systems for Supporting Creativity: production of
user interfaces, interaction design, decision support, and data
modeling techniques that lead to the development of intelligent
assistants that support the user in being more creative.

More info: http://creative-systems.dei.uc.pt/icccx


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