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Terça-Feira, 6 de Janeiro de 2009 - 21:28:22 WET

sorry for x, please `cat /dev/mem > /dev/dsp`


the new pure:dyne GNU/Linux leek&potato released!

                                  ,--.                       *
    ,---. --.,--.--.--.,---. --.,-'  |--. ,--.--,--, ,---.      *
   | .-. |  ||  |  .--' .-. :--' .-. |\  '  /       \ .-. :   *
   | '-' '  ''  '  |      --.--. `-' | \   ' |  ||  |   --.     .
   |   -' `----' --'   `----'--'`---' -'  /  `--''--'`----'
   `--'  http://puredyne.goto10.org  `---'                   *

pure:dyne is an operating system developed to provide media artists with
a complete set of tools for realtime audio and video processing.
pure:dyne is a live distribution, you don't need to install anything.
Simply boot your computer using the liveCD/DVD or liveUSB and you're
ready to start using software such as Pure Data, Supercollider, Icecast,
Csound, Fluxus, Processing, Arduino and much much more.

pure:dyne will work on any x86 PC laptop, desktop, and single-board
computers, including the intel-based Mac, Asus' Eee PC, and any x86
netbooks :)


Get pure:dyne now!!!
(CD/DVD ISO, liveUSB, Debian packages, etc)

complete software list:


/usr/share/soup !!!

Each pure:dyne release come with a Free/Libre and Open Source Soup
(FLOSS). This time we hope you will enjoy our leek and potato flavor :)

Depends:	Leek, Potato, Milk, Salt, Oil, Pumpkin oil
Suggests:	Thyme, Sage, Pepper, Parsley, Crème fraiche
Build-Depends: 	Cookpot, BlenderkMasher, Frypan, Bowl

make: 	default: 	serving
	tender potato: 	potato cookpot salt water 20min
	tasty leek: 	leek oil frypan 5min
	puree: 		tender potato tasty leek blender
	soup: 		puree milk herbs cookpot 5min
	herbs: 		thyme sage pepper serving: soup bowl
			parsely pumpkin oil crème fraiche

for more details:

echo "deb http://debian.goto10.org/debian/ lenny main" >> \
  /etc/apt/sources.list && apt-get install souprecipe


pure:dyne is a GOTO10 project, developed by Rob Canning, Heather
Corcoran, Antonios Galanopoulos, Karsten Gebbert, Claude Heiland-Allen,
Chun Lee, Aymeric Mansoux, Marloes de Valk and with the contribution of
Robert Atwood (Openlab) and Jof Thibaut (Labomedia).

pure:dyne is supported by Arts Council England and powered by GNU/Linux
Debian, debian-multimedia.org and the great Debian Live project.

We would like to thank bob the pbuilder and all the pure:dyne users for
their ongoing feedback, suggestions and testing!



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