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Segunda-Feira, 3 de Agosto de 2009 - 18:28:42 WEST

Altermodern Manifesto


A new modernity is emerging, reconfigured to an age of globalisation -- 
understood in its economic, political and cultural aspects: an 
altermodern culture

Increased communication, travel and migration are affecting the way we live

Our daily lives consist of journeys in a chaotic and teeming universe

Multiculturalism and identity is being overtaken by creolisation: 
Artists are now starting from a globalised state of culture

This new universalism is based on translations, subtitling and 
generalised dubbing

Today's art explores the bonds that text and image, time and space, 
weave between themselves

Artists are responding to a new globalised perception. They traverse a 
cultural landscape saturated with signs and create new pathways between 
multiple formats of expression and communication.

The Tate Triennial 2009 at Tate Britain presents a collective discussion 
around this premise that postmodernism is coming to an end, and we are 
experiencing the emergence of a global altermodernity.

Extended text

Travel, cultural exchanges and examination of history are not merely 
fashionable themes, but markers of a profound evolution in our vision of 
the world and our way of inhabiting it.

More generally, our globalised perception calls for new types of 
representation: our daily lives are played out against a more enormous 
backdrop than ever before, and  depend now on trans-national entities, 
short or long-distance journeys in a chaotic and teeming universe.

Many signs suggest that the historical period defined by postmodernism 
is coming to an end: multiculturalism and the discourse of identity is 
being overtaken by a planetary movement of creolisation; cultural 
relativism and deconstruction, substituted for modernist universalism, 
give us no weapons against the twofold threat of uniformity and mass 
culture and traditionalist, far-right, withdrawal.

The times seem propitious for the recomposition of a modernity in the 
present, reconfigured according to the specific context within which we 
live -- crucially in the age of globalisation -- understood in its 
economic, political and cultural aspects: an altermodernity.

If twentieth-century modernism was above all a western cultural 
phenomenon, altermodernity arises out of planetary negotiations, 
discussions between agents from different cultures. Stripped of a 
centre, it can only be polyglot. Altermodernity is characterised by 
translation, unlike the modernism of the twentieth century which spoke 
the abstract language of the colonial west, and postmodernism, which 
encloses artistic phenomena in origins and identities.

We are entering the era of universal subtitling, of generalised dubbing. 
Today's art explores the bonds that text and image weave between 
themselves. Artists traverse a cultural landscape saturated with signs, 
creating new pathways between multiple formats of expression and 

The artist becomes 'homo viator', the prototype of the contemporary 
traveller whose passage through signs and formats refers to a 
contemporary experience of mobility, travel and transpassing. This 
evolution can be seen in the way works are made: a new type of form is 
appearing, the journey-form, made of lines drawn both in space and time, 
materialising trajectories rather than destinations. The form of the 
work expresses a course, a wandering, rather than a fixed space-time.

Altermodern art is thus read as a hypertext; artists translate and 
transcode information from one format to another, and wander in 
geography as well as in history. This gives rise to practices which 
might be referred to as 'time-specific', in response to the 
'site-specific' work of the 1960s. Flight-lines, translation programmes 
and chains of heterogeneous elements articulate each other. Our universe 
becomes a territory all dimensions of which may be travelled both in 
time and space.*

Nicolas Bourriaud *


        * Ivo Moreira invites us to his show at Jorge Shirley Gallery
          (Part I) and Sala do Veado (Part II)- conveniently located
          nearby- to visit the manners of abstraction trough figurative
          time-specific actions by someone who find their practice in
          the words of Nicolas Bourriaud for the alter-modern Manifesto
          as a" /This is now/" statement.
        * In his paintings he brings together figures and the
          disfigured, drawing and painting, spontaneous impulses and
          well thought-out ideas. They follow a specific method of
          immersion / Subversion. It's our time.
        * Ivo's paintings reveal the entire gamut of his techniques. In
          his murals, large format paintings (Saloons Series06-) - seen
          at Sala do Veado, MNHN in /part II/ of /Gifts from where I've
          been/, we see the the artist labouring places from the 30's
          and 40's, that he projects on canvas and creates a new place
          in this time.
        * We visit by this strategy site-specific places in a
          time-specifc period of the action, just like a scene or still.
          He know he is the method and messes around the conformity of
          that reason, making tangible a display of vintage daily life
          for the bourgeois.
        * The curious case of how the human trace is meaningless
          expression when visiting the perfection of a more graphical
          approach. Both this gestures, are seen in /Part I/ where we
          can see stretched canvas horizontally aligned in the walls of
          the gallery. The lines in his paintings become form once they
          brush out the meaning. The show /Gifts From where I've been
          /are seen/ /by the artist as "/a double feature being both
          shows, sequentially ordered to make both Part I at Jorge
          Shirley Gallery a naked story, more like erotic 70's motion
          pictures and Life Magazine and Part II at Sala do Veado". /So,
          naked against the walls different events to start with. Both
          events assemble together an especially compelling part from
          Ivo dueling the canvas, the actors and props assembling ideal
          compositions, now, placed on equal footing with his canvases.

    Pedro Furtado09

Ivo Moreira


06.08.2009 a 30.08.09
21h30 Galeria Jorge ShirleyPart I

12.08.09 a 30.08.09
21h30 Sala do Veado--Museu Nacional de História NaturalPart II

21h30 Galeria Jorge Shirley /MNHN--Sala do Veado

Galeria J  o  r  g e S  h  i  r  l  e  y
Espaço Príncipe Real
Rua da Escola Politécnica  21/23, Lisboa   +351 21 386 8496

Sala do Veado
Rua da Escola Politécnica 56/58, Lisboa +351 21 392 1879

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