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Sábado, 18 de Abril de 2009 - 16:50:30 WEST

Beyond, Short Stories on the Post-Contemporary

I'm proud to announce that Beyond, the urban bookazine I’m editing  
for SUN Architecture in Amsterdam, is about to reach the streets...

Beyond will be published twice a year, and will offer short fictions  
and speculative essays from upcoming architectural and urban writers.
The first issue, on “Scenarios and Speculations,” includes special  
features such as the ”Re:doing Dubai” graphic novel, by Wes Jones,  
the reprint of Superstudio’s 1971 ”Twelve  Ideal Cities,” and a  
postscript by Aaron Betsky, director of the latest Architecture  
Venice Biennale.
You can also  already enjoy a preview of the ”White Fungus“ story  
by guest cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling.
A call for contributions for issue 2, on "Values & Symptoms", will be  
announced shortly.

Pedro Gadanho / http://shrapnelcontemporary.wordpress.com/

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