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Quarta-Feira, 1 de Abril de 2009 - 23:38:05 WEST




Crónica is honoured to present “Compilation Works 1996–2005”, the  
first ever authorized online album release by Marc Behrens, features  
19 tracks, previously scattered over compilations and reinterpretation  
projects (by artists like Disinformation, Ralf Wehowsky, John Hudak,  
Ilios, and others) from a 10 year period.

Most of the works were short one-off conceptual pieces, but, listened  
to in this new sequence, they reveal common strategies, mainly because  
many of them feature characteristics from Behrens’ album works,  
carried out over a sometimes extremely short duration.

The personal shifts in technology, the state of sound research and of  
processing techniques occurred during the period in which the works  
were realized turn this release into a good opportunity to explore how  
Marc Behrens’ work kept a unique consistency under varying conditions  
and while exploring different concepts.

All works have been carefully remastered and can be considered as  
definite versions.

“Compilation Works 1996–2005” can be downloaded directly from Crónica,  
free of charge, in either 256 kbps VBR MP3 or Apple Lossless formats.



01. ccdeinnorsttu
03. Addition
04. Decaying Study 4
05. One Minute
06. Multiplication
07. Memetic Junk
08. For Dimitris
09. Sketch for Bagdad é em Lisboa
10. Khabul Rubble
11. [untitled song]
12. Tokyo Circle, Symbol Survey
13. Two Leipzig Zones
14. Untitled (for Lida)
15. Quersumme rlw
16. Revelation
17. Two Zones
18. that which is the
19. Real Player fucked my Netscape Settings


Download for free as Apple Lossless (582.4MB)

Download for free as MP3 (246.6MB)



With “Compilation Works 1996–2005”, Crónica presents the fifth release  
in the Limited Series of original artworks. The Limited counterpart to  
“Compilation Works 1996–2005” is ”The Recompiler”, a certified signed  
and numbered limited edition of nineteen 31,5 x 31,5 cm lambda prints  
by Marc Behrens.

”The Recompiler” is a multicore adapter cable with eight different  
connectors, none of them matching. The cable is wired in such a way  
that if used with powered-up machines like recorders, mixing desks or  
microphones, it could potentially damage equipment. The different  
connectors refer to different generations of technology in my studio.  
Pieces of equipment from different eras or of different qualities  
often create adapter problems – not only between connectors, but also  
regarding their technical specifications, such as impendance, for  
example. For many years in the past I have encountered such  
difficulties challenging my technical skills. Many times I had to work  
around problems in the resulting sounds during post-production – in  
other cases I simply failed. All the different connectors used on this  
object refer to historical tape machines, contact or air microphones,  
digital or video signals, consumer level recorders and sound  
generating machinery of all kinds, roughly during the time when the  
tracks included in “Compilation Works 1996–2005” were produced.


Each of the 19 signed and numbered pieces is available for 100€ (post  



A lot of hard work is invested in these releases and in Crónica’s  
operations. We do not believe in DRM and we certainly don’t want to  
create any barriers between you and our releases, so, all of the  
Unlimited Releases will be free to download, but if you can, please  
consider to leave us a small donation for the benefit of both artists  
and label. Don’t forget to leave us your address, so that we can send  
you a thank you postcard in return.


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