[ARENA] (fwd) Call: Nutopia - Exploring The Metropolitan Imagination

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Subject: Call for papers
From: jennie savage <jennie  jenniesavage.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 11:56:15 +0100

Nutopia : Exploring The Metropolitan Imagination
2/3 April 2009
Call for speakers
Deadline for application 30th November 2008
"Each epoch dreams the one to follow"
Michelet, Avenir! Avenir!

The symposium will be a multi disciplinary platform for artists/  
archaeologists/ social scientists/ architects/ urban planners/  
developers/ people who work with people/ housing/ environmentalists/  
activists, to meet and make visible their perspectives on the 21c  
city; the nature of community/ human narrative, the new - utopia's  
which we may be able to find present amongst contemporary town  
planning and architecture.

The aim of this symposium will be to map a multiplicity of  
perspectives and initiate conversations which seek to help us  
navigate and understand our position as individuals and communities  
within the new model of the 'global city'.

Submissions are invited from people who would like to present a 20  
minute paper at the symposium/ to host a break out discussion or run  
a workshop/ event in response to the idea of new - utopias, the  
possibility of utopia's, or ideas or responses to the notion of the  
Metropolitan Imagination in the 21st c.
Please send 1 side of A4 outlining your responses to this question/  
background to your interests, a CV and links to website/ blogs.

All speakers will have the option of having their paper included in  
the Museum Of The Moment Archive* and also be featured in "The  
Arcades Project: A 3D Documentary" Publication (Jan 2010).

UK travel costs will be covered/ free entrance and lunch/ dinner  
provided during the event.

To make a submission email  
<mailto:jennie  arcadesproject.org>jennie  arcadesproject.org
To find out more about The Arcades Project : A 3D Documentary go to  

*The museum Of The Moment Archive will be a multi media archive  
documenting both the project and concerns raised by it, Cardiff's  
Arcades and City centre area. The archive will be installed in the  
city centre as 'permanent' legacy of the project.

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