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Domingo, 7 de Setembro de 2008 - 23:05:48 WEST

Short stories on the post-contemporary…

On the occasion of 11th International Architecture Exhibition "Out  
There: Architecture Beyond Building" directed by Aaron Betsky,
La Biennale di Venezia, SUN architecture publishers and Pedro Gadanho  
invite you for the launch event of

Beyond. Short Stories on the post-contemporary…
In a moment in which visual culture is clearly dominant, architecture  
is calling for the return of writing and critical thought. But this  
return is confronted with the need to compete for attention as  
against the seduction of the image. In this context, SUN architecture  
and Pedro Gadanho are working on a book series in which every new  
thematic volume will be composed by a collection of specially  
commissioned essays and short stories by emergent architectural  
writers and thinkers in Europe. The series intends to stimulate both  
writers and readers towards the experimental possibilities, to the  
high efficiency and to the strong appeal of a concise, creative  
literary formats that explicitly addresses the pleasure of reading...

On Scenarios & Speculations
September 11, at 10am at the Teatro Piccolo, Arsenale

Curated & Introduced by:
Pedro Gadanho, editor in chief of Beyond.

A round-table talk with:
YEHUDA SAFRAN teaches architecture and theory at Columbia and Cornell  
Universities. He was a trustee of the 9H Gallery, a Founding member  
of the Architecture Foundation in London and he is a member of the  
College International de Philosophie, Paris. He has written  
extensively on the theory and practice of art, architecture and film.
REED KROLOFF is the Director of the Cranbrook Academy of Art and Art  
Museum and a principal at jones|kroloff. He was Editor-in-Chief of  
the leading and awarded Architecture magazine and became a  
referential commentator in the world of architecture and urban design  
in theUSA.
SAM JACOB is a director of FAT, Fashion Architecture Taste, in  
London. He's an architecture editor of Contemporary, and editor at  
large for Archis. He also writes for Icon and Modern Painters as well  
as contributing to various academic journals and books.
MAP OFFICE is an Hong Kong based interdisciplinary design and  
research platform conceived by Laurent Gutierrez and Valérie  
Portefaix. They work across visual art, writing and design and are  
the authors of publications such as City of Production: a Fabulous  
Opportunity to Experiment with Positive Capitalism and Unreal Estates  
of China.
SHUMON BASAR is an editor at fashion/culture quarterly Tank and co- 
founder of sexymachinery. Since 2006, is director of Curatorial  
Practices and Cultural Projects at the Architectural Association,  
London. He has written  for ArtReview, Blueprint, Sunday Telegraph  
and Domus.
GIANLUIGI RICUPERATI is the author of Fucked Up. He was the artistic  
co-director of Festarch 08 and directed the editorial project  
Cluster. Journalist and writer, Ricuperati wrote for D-La Repubblica,  
Il Manifesto, La Stampa and Domus on topics of urban studies and  

Admisson free. See also the official programme of La Biennale di Venezia

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