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> From: V2_ <joris  v2.nl>
> Date: November 13, 2008 3:34:42 PM GMT+00:00
> Subject: Call for A-i-R Proposals: Soft Technology
> Call for Artist-in-Residency Proposals
> *Soft technology*
> V2_Lab, the artistic Research & Development (aRt&D) department of V2_
> Institute for Unstable Media in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has a
> vacancy for a three-month artist’s residency from January 15 to April
> 15, 2009.
> *Deadline for applications: December 7th 2008*
> To download your application form please follow this link:
> http://files.v2.nl/portal/Applicationform_AIR.rtf
> Background
> V2_Lab has an extensive history in the field of wearable  
> technology. In
> recent years, we have carried out various aRt&D projects in
> collaboration with various artists and universities. For example, we
> developed soft, wearable interactive objects with Thecla Schiphorst
> during Soft(n). We recently took these developments further in the
> direction of fashion and wearable technology with Di Mainstone’s
> Sharewear. In these projects, we combine knowledge from various  
> domains
> to produce surprising or critical artistic statements. V2_ is  
> seeking to
> further investigate the combination of fashion and technology by means
> of an experimental residency.
> Introduction
> A true revolution is currently under way in the form of personal
> fabrication. Wikipedia is already talking about “fabbers” – a new word
> for the emerging miniature factories. Around the world, initiatives  
> like
> the Fab Labs and a lively DIY community bear witness to this
> development. This way of working is also increasing in popularity  
> in the
> area of wearable electronics.
> V2_ Lab sees a great need for simple solutions for wearable  
> electronics
> people can make themselves with a bit of know-how. The  
> proliferation of
> workshops in things like Arduino and crafting and the success of V2_’s
> workshops in Shanghai and Cluj, Romania, seem to support this. As a  
> lab,
> we believe it is important for artists and designers to gain knowledge
> and hands-on experience with the technical and conceptual  
> possibilities
> and impossibilities of these technologies in a professional  
> environment.
> At the same time, we wish to combine our creative powers to develop
> innovative materials that will enable a far-reaching integration of
> electronics with their textile carriers. If this technology finds its
> way to artists and designers, it will certainly have an impact on  
> future
> wearable projects.
> Goal of the residency
> The research and development part of the residency will focus on the
> development of flexible, textile-integrated circuit boards and
> electronic components, manufactured from easily accessible  
> materials. We
> wish to involve the artist in this research at the earliest possible
> stage, so that the accumulated knowledge will remain easily
> transferable. This residency is also geared toward achieving a
> satisfying end result in the form of a visually attractive working
> prototype.
> This residency is relevant at the artistic level because making low- 
> tech
> materials and techniques available will enable a much larger community
> to develop wearables.
> Technology and way of working
> The artist will be responsible for the artistic theme, design of the
> wearable, and realization of the prototype; he or she will receive
> support from the designers and developers at V2_ Lab. In collaboration
> with V2_, he or she will develop innovative materials and applications
> that will help to realize the goal of creating a working prototype in
> which the technology and the textile medium integrate into soft and
> flexible circuitry. We will work with DIY and crafting technologies as
> well as with rapid prototyping machines.
> We highly value convincing design. The integration of technology and
> craft, however, is part of ongoing research at V2_, so the  
> technological
> aspects may keep an experimental character. The final result will be
> presented to the public at one of V2_’s events.
> Team profiles
> The artist will:
> • be an artist/developer/designer having an affinity with textiles.
> • be innovative in his/her field and wish to experiment with the
> aforementioned technologies, and
> • preferably have basic knowledge of electronics, or at least have
> experience working in a multidisciplinary team.
> The experts at V2_ Lab will:
> • offer support with software and hardware development,
> • work with the artist on research into the integration of textiles  
> and
> electronics,
> • have knowledge of materials, and
> • be familiar with various crafting technologies.
> We work with FabLab Utrecht Protospace, which offers
> • the use of milling machines, laser cutters and 3D printers, and
> • occasional support from a professional.
> *V2_Lab offers:*
> • an artist’s fee up to a total of €3,000.00, depending on experience
> and activities,
> • free lodging in Rotterdam, and
> • travel to and from Rotterdam up to €250.00.
> The contact person for this call is Piem Wirtz, piem  v2.nl,
> Tel: +31-10-206-7273.
> www.v2.nl

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