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Segunda-Feira, 10 de Novembro de 2008 - 12:52:40 WET

_indie pavilion_ + _el ojo atómico de hércules_ + _re:move final release_

curator: nilo casares [http://comisario.net]

curator's assistant: ángeles b brines

architectural narrative: fündc (paz martín + césar garcía guerra + 
juanjo unceta rivas) [http://www.fundc.com]

technical coordination: javier pereira + raúl rey

institution: _move new media. digital arts fair_ director: ana 
montes, director's assistant: pilar lópez cordal 

opening: 12h00m/13.11.2008

dates: [13.11.08) (16.11.08]

location: expocoruña [http://www.expocoruna.com]

::::::::::::_independent pavilion_ (housed digital art)::::::::

the _indie pavilion_ opens with the new media digital show 008 and 
illustrates the most risky side of the digital art market

the _indie pavilion_ exhibits works that are entirely digital, that 
is, those that use the new media in a no banal manner.

the _indie pavilion_ is opens only during the digital arts fair; from 
13th till 16th of november 2008.

the _indie pavilion_ tries to test the current digital arts state in 
its different representations. and aims to become the amplifier of 
what is being produced, in no way the selection of the artists should 
be seen as a contest. it tryes to show the latest production of 
digital arts but not its qualification. the present artists serve to 
confirm what is there but also to point the posible.

the architectural narrative of the _indie pavilion_ builds an 
archipelago of ducts of large dimensions on which the exhibition of 
the artistic pieces take place. it is at the *sea*, or interstitial 
spaces between the pipes, where the rest of activities happen.

as well as the digital art needs from a strong support of data 
cabling and electrical wires which feed and connect it, the visitor 
has another system of conduits, characterized in the pipes, on which 
he can circulate at different speeds and experience the visual and 
sound feelings that this art provokes. these channels, equal on the 
outer part, acquire complexity in their internal section, generating 
elfin spaces adapted to the needs of perception of every piece: 
acoustic sections, visual projections, objects exhibition, ...


_b.i.o._: alfonso carrasco
a sound installation and visual composition with loudspeakers. it 
imitates organic sounds from computer processes.

_orbiter_: vera-maria glahn + marcus wendt
innteractive sound installation. it invites the visitor to reach the 
stars and interpret music.

_controlled dream machine_: anaisa franco
this installation puts together a dreamy state for a machine.

_solargrafica_: andreas a. zinguele
video installation that shows the sun´s movements captured by a 
camera without a lense through long time lapses of exposure producing 
a new visual and sound landscape. 

_almost ashore. visions of bacbuc_: bjørn wangen
it´s an image of mankind´s state of constant internet connection. a 
landscape slowly but constantly polluted by words fallen from the net.

_every word i saved (uttered)_: cristóbal mendoza
a software.art that highlights words taken from a database set by the 
author in 2002. the program picks those words from his database that 
have been used only once, stressing its lesser presence through a 
speech synthesizer.

_the sonic body_: harry neve + anna chocota + thomas michalak
interactive installation shaped as a large stomach that produces all 
sorts of acoustic reactions when touched by the audience.

_lifefloor_: román torre sánchez
installation where the visitor will get involved in a virtual 
intelligent cell life. throughout the exhibition visitors interact in 
the ecosystem and the development of different generations.

_graffonic_: andré rangel + anne-kathrin siegel
a digital gadget to draw digital graffiti in real time.

_taiknam hat_: ricardo nascimento + ebru kurbak + fabiana shizue
two cybernetic hats that react to the presence of radio waves.

_calor, vapor, humedad. turner en el s. xxi_: marina zerbarini
from electronic interfaces and through internet the visitor will be 
able to interact with a private physical space not only locally but 
remotely. a webcam will let it visualize it. 

_.newseries2. tout va bien_: annie abrahams
in seven minutes the work will take you to the first pages of 50 
international newspapers accompanied by messages of calm to helps us 
through the tense political scenario of our times.

_arabesque_: peter william holden
mechanical ballet presented as a flower made with legs. a 
representation of the  chaos and harmony in nature.

_arca_: andreas göransson + fernando lbarrajón
a complete body experience created through interaction where 
communication and computer games become digital art.

_the viewer_: julio obelleiro + casilda sánchez
interactive work which portraits the actual spectator´s movements on a screen.

_lightwriter_: ricardo lafuente
interactive installation where a cyber brush projects a text over 
photographic material of the person moving the brush.

_las naciones. a no interactive game_: daniel gonzález mellado
a interactive game: two teams two neighbouring towns confronted. the 
limits are set by game's interface which clearly identify the areas 
where the user can move freely.

_hysterical machines_: bill vorn
robotic group. it exposes the paradoxical nature of artificial life 
through dysfunctional, absurd and deviant machines.

_soundtoys anthology (1996-2008)_: brian mackern
a retrospective of one of the most relevant pioneers of soundtoys and 
interactive sound-visual interfaces. it provides the audience the 
chance to produce their own project.

_it's a kids life_: giles walker
it is a sculptural project. its minute characters shake at the close 
presence of each other. a reflection of the aggressive cycle produced 
by the commercialised network that exploits children through fierce 
marketing toys campaigns. [http://www.gileswalker.org]

:::::::::::::::::public digital art (homeless):::::::::::::::::::::

_el ojo atómico de hércules_: workshop taught with oscar mora

_re:move final release_: francis naranjo + fernando casás + luigi 
pagliarini + dionisio cañas + ... 

dionisio cañas [http://www.dionisioc.com] intervention uses leds put 
together by francis naranjo [http://www.francisnaranjo.blogspot.com] 
in a mural outside expocoruña exhibition centre 

dioniso cañas carries on the series of leds which have been set by 
francis naranjo in a display unit outside expocoruña trade centre. 
his work _out of sight out of mind_ is a contribution to the 
collective works titled _re:move final release_

earlier we had the interventions of fernando casas's _despois de 
m/arte_ and luigi pagliarini's _connection_. now is dionisio caña's 
turn with _out of sight out of mind_

in his intervention he reflects on the relationship between see, feel 
and think translated into 15 languages. languages that offer distinct 
ways of being in the world and understand the consecuences of their 
approach. a reflection that starts from francis naranjo's mural and 
goes on to export his interpretation in 15 leds in 15 languages.

the intervention is part of the _re:move final release_ which shows 
that collective work is one of the fundamental components in new 
media art; without each artist's contribution a complete production 
would not be possible.


fernando casás (gondomar, spain)

luigi pagliarini (pescara, italia)

dionisio cañas (tomelloso, spain)

darko fritz (amsterdam, holland, born in croatia)

yucef mehri (venezuela)

eva + franco mattes (europe)

arcángel constantini (méxico df, méxico)

antonio mendoza (los angeles, usa)

fernando llanos (méxico df, méxico)

gazira babeli (second life)

brian mackern (montevideo, uruguay)

jimpunk (paris, france)

copyleft (todos os direitos ao reve's) nilo casares

life is too short to drink bad wine / la vida es demasiado breve como 
para beber mal vino / a vida é muito curta para beber vinho mau / 
zivot je suvise kratak da bi se pilo lose vino

beijos em espiral:: besos en espiral:: besades en espiral:: baisers 
en spirale:: baci a spirale:: spiral kisses :: spiral kyssar:: 
spiraalzoenen:: pocalunki spiralowe:: muxu kiribilatuak:: kierteisia 
suukkoja:: spiralni poljupci:: spiralküsse:: spiraal soene


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