[ARENA] 1st biennial: Figures of interactivity

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Quinta-Feira, 6 de Novembro de 2008 - 15:00:13 WET

European School of Visual Arts (ÉESI)
& Espace Mendès-France

1st biennial: "Figures of interactivity"

and society
International symposium
at TAP, Theater & Auditorium of Poitiers
– National Theater – France

November 19th - 21st 2008


Together with the University of Quebec in Montreal and the University  
of Poitiers, the European School of Visual Arts (ÉESI) and the Espace  
Mendès-France have devised the launch of a two yearly international  
multidisciplinary series of meetings from the Fall of 2008, in the  
form of a think-tank focusing on the "Figures of Interactivity".

The first international symposium, Cinema, Interactivity and Society  
calls upon artists and research fellows to seek to broaden horizons  
from the standpoint of cinema, by scanning a range of issues  
associated with the perception and the creation of images in motion,  
viewed from the critical angle of interactivity.

During a three day run, artists, philosophers, theorists and research  
fellows from the media, the cinema, video-games and the interactive  
sphere generally, will come together in the new auditorium of the  
National Theater of Poitiers (France) to share their know-how and  
their spirit of inquiry as well as their doubts, concerning the  
tendency to transition to which society is committed.


Hubertus Von Amelunxen / Bertrand Augereau / Jacques Aumont / Yves  
Bernard / Samuel Bianchini / Jean-Louis Boissier / Victor Burgin /  
Jean-Claude Bustros / Jim Campbell / Grégory Chatonsky / Luc  
Courchesne / Frédéric Curien / Jean-Marie Dallet / Anne-Marie  
Duguet / Masaki Fujihata / Thierry Guibert / Christian Laroche /  
Georges Legrady / Alain Liedts / Julien Maire / Denis Mellier /  
Stéphane Natkin / Louis-Claude Paquin / Bernard Perron / Louise  
Poissant / Yannick Prié / Vincent Puig / Jeffrey Shaw / Douglas E.  
Stanley / Bernard Stiegler / Steina & Woody Vasulka / Gwenola Wagon /  
Gene Youngblood


The deadline for registration is Friday November 7th at 12 noon.
Registration on line: http://www.figuresinteractives.com or by phone:  
+33 (0)5 45 92 20 62.

Useful information
contact person: Agnès Brunet / +33 5 45 92 20 62 / cis  eesi.eu

European School of Visual Arts (ÉESI)
The European School of Visual Arts (École Européenne Supérieure de  
l'Image, ÉESI) offers in Poitiers and Angoulême, a teaching linked to  
digital art and new narratives within a pedagogy based on research  
topics and artistic projects. Studies lead to master's degrees in  
Comics Strips and Art and Science as well as to higher national  
diplomas in art.

Espace Mendès-France
Situated in the heart of the romanesque city of Poitiers, the Espace  
Mendès-France, the center for scientific and technical culture of  
Poitiers, is invested with three missions: popularizing the sciences  
and their professions, educating the public in science and  
technology, and providing a forum for discussion of social and  
cultural issues.

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