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Sexta-Feira, 16 de Maio de 2008 - 12:36:38 WEST

""SOUND OF SPACE"" radio broadcast

Fridays : 20.30h - 21:00 PM /
// Lisbon  // Portugal

Broadcasting on Radiozero.pt, Lisbon
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""Sound of Space"" é um programa, já com mais de 50 edições, dedicado  
às múltiplas relações entre som e espaço, apresentando e documentando
obras - composições, instalações, gravações -  cuja natureza é  
inextrincavelmente intíma e integrante do espaço, seja ele acústico,  
social ou perceptual. Cada programa foca um projecto ou artista que  
explora novos modos de cartografar, experimentar e reconfigurar
o espaço.

Esta semana: Brandon Labelle

«The question of “social space” increasingly rises to the forefront  
of my concern and practice, (...) tries to align itself with the  
social, as a kind of model for practice itself—complex, self-  
organized,difficult, intimate, and anarchic: this of course takes me  
into what can be called “contextual practice”. Contextual practice is  
something like “site specificity”, but it’s not necessarily tied to  
“physical space” but can also refer to existing legacies of ideas,  
previous works, the presence of an audience, etc., that is, the  
cultural practice, and its setting, as a “context”. Working with  
context is about addressing the “pressures” which inform every action  
or object and yet which may go unnoticed: the space in which work is  
seen, the organizational framework that allows work to happen, the  
very networks which allow us to correspond, etc. Such a process, and  
ultimate shift, for me is increasingly a “social process” whereby  
sound, performance, space, objects, and audiences manifest themselves  
in the actualization of work, and the work itself possibly functions  
more “conversationally”.» B. Labelle

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""Sound of Space"" is a radio show conducted by paulo raposo.

Please forward your submissions and proposals to:

Paulo Raposo
Sound of Space
Rua Cidade Nova Lisboa 220 5A
1800 Lisboa

sirrpauloraposo  gmail.com

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