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> Call for applications:
> Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht
> http://www.janvaneyck.nl
> Imaginary Property, a new research project of the Design department,
> initiated by Florian Schneider, aspires to explore new potentials
> for design practices across various registers. The project is set up
> as a realm of experimentation at the intersections of design-theory
> and image-production. It is a laboratory where emerging concepts and
> terminologies are set to a series of tests.
> What challenges emerge from the paradoxes that research into
> ‘imaginary property’ has given rise to? How could these
> potentially generate new rules of production, bearing in mind that
> property relations are constantly exchanging meanings? Against this
> background: do we have to rethink and re-evaluate the notion of
> ‘design’ as such?
> The research project Imaginary Property consists of three parts that
> are inextricably linked up with each other and are to be addressed
> simultaneously rather than consecutively.
> The first part is analytical in nature and traces the primarily
> non-juridical impact as well as the practical implications of the
> concept of ‘imaginary property’ through various disciplines such
> as philosophy, psychoanalysis, economics, cybernetics, architecture,
> new media and design theory. The analytical part will start off with
> a symposium (on 6 June) that shows the scope of the project and its
> impact on contemporary design practices. The symposium will bring
> about an interview and lecture series in which guest speakers partake.
> The second part consists of a series of evaluations and examinations
> of experimental design, ‘counter-design’ or ‘re-design’
> projects. open-source and free circulation of networked images will  
> be developed
> and realized. Supposing that images are the products of struggles
> for imagination, this part examines in a practical way how social
> relationships are configured, designed and performed in connection
> with the images that are supposed to be owned, used and displayed as
> one's property.
> Imaginary Property deals with the imagination and the redrawing
> of social relationships with people who could also use and enjoy
> images, modify or alter images, play images or play with images. Is
> it possible, practically and conceptually, to (reverse) engineer
> ‘imaginary property’? How to show highly valuable images and
> visualize processes modulations, modifications and unpredictable  
> proliferation? Can a
> museum redesign a show and make it or even parts of its collection
> freely accessible through the digital public domain? Is it possible
> for a political campaign to go fully ‘open
> source’? How can such a public release be realized and what would it
> actually look like?
> Thirdly, the results of the analytical part and the examinations will
> be documented more or less in real-time and made accessible on a
> multimedia website. The idea is further to make a publication in print
> as well as a collaborative, networked video project.
> The research project Imaginary Property is looking for design
> practitioners who wish to tackle fundamental issues and query
> conventions of disciplines such as film, multimedia, web design,
> networking and architecture. It further seeks to involve theory-minded
> researchers who are not afraid of ‘an image’.
> Symposium: 6 June 2008, 4 PM Speakers: Franco Berardi, Anselm Franke,
> Florian Schneider
> Candidates interested in this project can apply with a research
> proposal. Selected candidates gain the position of researcher at the
> Design department of the Jan van Eyck Academie.
> Deadline applications: 15 June 2008.
> The project will start as of Fall 2008.
> For application details and form, see:
> http://www.janvaneyck.nl/_devices/frames_applications.html
> or contact
> leon.westenberg  janvaneyck.nl

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