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Quinta-Feira, 8 de Maio de 2008 - 23:07:58 WEST

call for projects:

'After The Net'
Observatori: 9th Festival Internacional de Investigación Artística de
6 – 29 June 2008, Valencia, Spain.

Deadline for submission >> 18 May 2008
Announcement of selected works >> 20 May 2008
Submission of works >> http://open.kurator.org/

We are seeking existing online projects that address the theme of the
exhibition 'After The Net', dealing with issues of un/openness, in/ 
un/stability and systems of control. Five selected works will be  
online as part of the exhibition and will receive a fee of 200 euros  

The exhibition takes the documentary 'The Net' by Lutz Dammbeck  
(2004) as a
starting point to consider two competing responses to the cybernetic
revolution. On the one hand, there is an emphasis on the utopian  
promises of
global networking and instantaneous communication, and on the other, an
emphasis on intrusive systems of technological control. Like the  
film, the
exhibition 'After The Net' aims to expose the hidden matrix of  
advances, coincidences, and conspiracies – reflecting the  
architecture of
networks. It explores some of the historical roots of technological open
systems in relation to ethics, and reworks them to reactivate some of  
founding principles of hacker ethics. [press release >>

openKURATOR is an open submission and presentation platform developed by
KURATOR for Observatori 2008.

Submission of works >> http://open.kurator.org/

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